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  1. I think youtube just dug their own grave today.

    i was referring to the title causing me confusion the rest i understood
  2. I think youtube just dug their own grave today.

    can you be more clear about what your speaking of?
  3. Admin Application

    In-Game Name: SGT|CiViC(B/Canada)* CD Hash (Identifier): 7e7da46dcb38ae2e858dfcaacb65a534 Date of Birth: 09/25/87 Country: Canada(Province Of British Columbia) South Coast Region Time Zone: Pacific Spoken Language(s): English How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 1 Year Additional Information: looking to admin late at night usually hours between 10-12 my time maybe even some afternoon huge computer nerd fully working microphone,32" monitor with a fully custom gaming rig that is personally built extensive linux,networking and server related skills im also family man with several children so my maturity levels and patience are threw the roof i came to project reality after years of CS-GO played my first game and i never went back i fell instantly in love looking to make the server a respectful environment where new players can learn stuff without hassle and veteran players can play without having to deal with abuse or trolling by the 5% that wanna ruin it for everyone else i also dont suffer from any "position of power" problems like you might find with some players applying for this position im currently a manager for a club company here in canada Please inform me of the next steps if this application moves on to round two lol discord is new to me ive only ever heard of TS but obtaining,using and any other stuff will not be a issue Thanks for reading this FLASH
  4. Complaint on server issues

    im coming to a point where ill be visiting discord and stating my problems with the server soon or even applying for rights to admin myself thank you for your response
  5. Complaint on server issues

    im talking about the in game chat being spammed by racial,degrading and unnecessary comments happens every single time im on especially the post-game chat where people are playing music or yelling racial slurs into the mic and nothing ever happens although today i had a kid come into my squad yell "get out all you n**gers" go on to teamkill two people and get banned for good thanks for that people like that are complete poison for the game
  6. Complaint on server issues

    to keep people from spamming the comments
  7. Ban Appeal

    thanks slammed ill see you out there
  8. Complaint on server issues

    all chat needs a timing system implemented to not allow you to post several comments at once but one every 60 seconds
  9. Blackwake

    game looks heavy on the spec side of things game says you'll need even more power to run the game when the server gets bigger which i have to say would be a no for me right there although a game of that nature looks extremely fun and cool i remember playing black flag its naval combat was insane!
  10. Ban Appeal

    Banned yet again FCV is the only server ive ever been banned from or even kicked out of team killing? bad mic? use of bad words? not sure what to even list in the requirements of the appeal form i love this page check it out daily and i play the server even when there's only 20 people on it just cause of the loyalty and if im permabanned then i understand as there are other servers i can play on maybe im temp banned again? which ill have to wait for the server to reset and understand the process thanks again for taking the time to read my appeal my cd key ( 7e7da46dcb38ae2e858dfcaacb65a534 )
  11. Introduce Yo'self!

    my names bradley im from the western region of canada and live in coastal territory's and one hour away from EA studios where the game was produced i really love PRBF2 i have owned every battlefield game known to man i found the game after looking for somthing a little less intense then CSGO im constantly on it my PS3 currently has dust on it and i dont see that changing anytime soon
  12. Ban appeal

    why would you run a 65inch 4k tv on a game that requires one core at most and 2gb ram? the sounds of explosions threw your mic is because your sitting to close to your speakers which in turn guarantees your claim of using a 65inch tv a complete bullshit lie cause you wouldint sit 2 feet in front of a 65inch tv period plus your sound system is worth at most 40 dollars so dont go blaming it on having this incredible system cause thats also bullshit glad the community is active with good moderators that ban abusive people like you i was banned once for a simple mistake and "slammed" was nothing more then respectful and helpful and got me right back in there ive also read several other ban appeals where he conducted himself the same way and was very helpful and polite in his responses so calling them names shows your true age and the reason why people like you are not needed on FCV servers ruining the game for everyone else................good riddance
  13. Banned on PR Free Candy Van

    somtimes i have problems with my mic and other players are not fans of it so i tend to join squads where no speaking is going on and assist other squads with there dutys like building guns/AA or holding caches stuff like that maybe try that in the future if your having issues with your mic
  14. Banned Appeal

    (ive copied your guidebook and will take a look threw it on my next joint smoke) thanks love the game more then anything totally avid player came from a long time battling in CS GO but PR was a way way different learning curve for me it was not the same close quarters battle operations i was use too getting help can be hard as well as i can clearly hear players degrading others over the radio for the way they play or if they unaware of how the game mechanics work that really needs to stop its sad hopefully after some long hours on this game i can go around and mentor other players and teach them some of the basics sorry for not filling out the appeal form properly new to your page and new to the game i came to appeal because i enjoy playing with people close to my country(canada) and the server always has guys from the US playing so its a good fit for me thanks again for looking at my appeal slammed and have a good day buddie In-Game Name:*SGT.B.R.* CD Hash (Identifier):7e7da46dcb38ae2e858dfcaacb65a534 Date of Appeal:3/29/2017 Date of Infraction:3/28/2017 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable):N/A Additional Information:was banned for what i believe was me crashing the helicopter? or possibly returning fire on a teammate using me as target practice? or maybe even my mic?
  15. Banned Appeal

    my in game is SGT.B.R i think i was banned for crashing the helicopter?