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  1. Well, we gotta figure out how we are gonna host a server. If you know how to run an ARMA server I can just throw you the files and let you take it from there, that is assuming you're going to pay for the server. If you can't pay for it I can maybe talk to Blue about getting a server hosted over there, and then I can get you file and admin access after that. It's up to you really.
  2. Yo, I fuckin love it. The more people playing our mod the better, let's make this happen.
  3. Skullker


    Both you and Kevin acted disrespectfully. But what you did is try to exercise power that you don't have. It is not your duty to threaten people with "what you can do". You are not an admin, and there are certainly no admins here that would ban someone just because you ask. When a situation like this arises it is obvious that you should call an admin instead of trying to threaten people with power you very obviously don't have. Kevin is going to be spoken to, but your ban will remain.
  4. Post you application as a new thread in this sub-forum. Please include: Steam Name: Steam 64 ID ( Country: Time Zone: Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): Experience Admining in ArmA: Additional Information: 3rd time's the charm, right? Let's see if we can get PR:A3 to play like it was intended to.
  5. Congratulations dude!
  6. It's most likely that no one is running servers, as it is only host and play that you can do.
  7. What is this fucking MySpace?
  8. What is this fucking Twitter?
    1. Reaper1526