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  1. Level1Techs -> It's more tech and tech policy related, but covers everything from benchmarking to system setups etc. Very Very good channel, particularly Wendell. Thunderf00t is another that comes to mind. This is mainly tech related too. But he has been getting rather clickbaity recently. Other than that have a look through my subscriptions list: They are all very good
  2. New guy CatSay here. Yes the name is based on the unix cowsay program. But for cats Anyway I've been a long time viewer of Bluedrake since the earliest of PR videos. Trained SysAdmin, Network guy and Software Developer with C++, Databases and Web Dev experience. I kind of do it all. Reason I joined is because i quite like the projects this community develops and saw myself contributing to them a bit. I've done quite a bit of work with reverse engineering battlefield 2 and project reality and have some Unreal Engine 4 experience so i though Id want to help out with the Harsh Doorstop project in my free time. Games I like to play: ArmA 3, Insurgency, Project Reality, Dirt 3 & Rally. My System: ASRock X370 Gaming K4, AMD Ryzen 1700X, 32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX @2666MHz. With a GTX 650 Ti (Yes Lol) waiting for Vega GPU's. Feel free to ask me anything You can also find me on the Level1Techs forum where I'm quite a regular. My GitHub page ( Mostly small projects, my professional stuff is kept elsewhere. Thanks Guys!