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  1. I have reviewed the rules of the server and I do acknowledge and understand the server rules, again I wish to apologies for my ignorant and disrespectful behavior. Thank you, MamaDoge.
  2. In-Game Name: MamaDoge CD Hash (Identifier): 268ca04c72ebce35dcc5e7715a3a477e Date of Appeal: 5/23/2017 Date of Infraction: about two weeks ago. Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): N/A Additional Information: I killed team mates. I acted in a very unmature and childish way, I have since thought about my actions and have concluded that I am very very sorry, I shouldn't have done what I did, I ask you to give me a second chance to rejoin the great community of "free candy van" and prove you that I have changed my ways and I can assure you that I am trustworthy man. Thank you for giving you pressies time to read this appeal, thank you, MamaDoge.