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  1. What we know so far Narva expansion (New map) Al Basrah expansion Squad locking confirmed Stance indicator added to UI (quality of life UI change) Vehicle claims only need 1 person instead of 2 3 minute start round timer (Previously 2 minutes) FOB don't generate ammo or construction points. No ticker rate and require logi for supplies. No more cooking FOB! Kit changes or resupplying from Ammo crate fob requires ammo points now. (No more nade spams) Deployables are destroyable by heavy rounds. (Sandbags, mg's, mortars can be destroyed instead of digging them up. Counters Super FOBS) Rifleman can deploy 1 sandbag. Makeshift cover and defenses. HEAT rounds no longer damage with near misses to enemy vehicles. Require direct hits to deal damage. Feel free to add anything that I might be missing. This is just what we know so far thanks to Karmakut who was able to release some of the details. Which he also had a change to launch an operation on the new map which can be found here.
  2. Key Points to mention Upgraded engine to 4.16 Getting close to releasing from alpha 40 Full Time developers Still fully backing Squad SDK "In May of this year, we transitioned two developers, StrangeZak (Zak Strange) and Irontaxi (Chris Greig) into planning and implementation of the modding platform for a complete release to launch around the end of September. Our modding platform now includes the ability to Create, Load, and Share Mods from the Squad SDK straight to the Steam Workshop with plans to add custom multiplayer maps from the Steam Workshop before the release." As part of the first steps in this effort, Offworld Industries is proud to announce our partnership with Periscope Games who have been diligently working on "Post Scriptum," a WW2 multiplayer FPS with a focus on historical accuracy. Set in the 9 day long Operation Market Garden campaign of 1944,, Post Scriptum will depict British paratroopers fighting Tiger tanks amongst the fields, villages and towns of the Netherlands, all the way to Arnhem! In our opinion it looks fantastic, is set in a unique operation from WW2 and is well worthy of being a standalone game. Periscope plans to take their project to a complete commercial release scheduled for 2018. (To important not to mention) Motion Capture for more realism UGL Animations including zeroing on grenade launcher and shotgun animations WIP (Animation 1) (Animation 2) (Download animation 2 or visit site to watch video) Tow Launchers and RPG-26 Renders New Reanimated Vehicle Weapon Animations (Animation 1) (Animation 2) (Animation 3) (Download links for videos, otherwise visit site to watch video) New map Fallujah New map Narva Down below are the images and videos mentioned in the key points mentioned.
  3. Drove a transport vehicle fully loaded with my squad over an enemy mine is my favorite. My squad's usually have really fun conversations like "who would you rather". Had my squad mates singing smash mouth at point while driving in a BTR. Head on collision with a logi with another logi and had a conversation in all chat.(Brotherrrr was there) Think my favorite though is 2 Man SPG squad. The amount of shit that I get from the other team is great when it gets used effectively. This mourning, there was a guy in squad chat saying he can't lead his squad unless he has his Boneless pizza. FYI, we lost cause we never got any boneless pizza. Or the infamous last words "DON'T DRIVE ON THE ROADS, ENEMY MINES!" "Ah, we will be fi.......*BOOM* shit......." I wish i can run more marksman squads. Those are always great. Watching the enemy run around when they get sniped by a marksman and a scout to help spot for him. If only specific kits can be assigned by selecting what type of squad you wish to run. Btw, the normal squads I run, someone recording one of the matches.
  4. Sitting on just a little over 230 hours now. It has been on and off since early access. But with mortars, makes the game a hella lot more fun.
  5. Some of the main key points to cover for May 30,2017 New animation system Bipods Melee Zeroing. Which basically means that you can switch your distance to auto compensate for bullet drop off. Or to switch your sites. New art of a UH-60M Blackhawk L131A1 British side arm ZU-23 Anti Aircraft system RPG-29 Narva map update Al Basrah Expansion Down below will be videos and images of everything mentioned above. Otherwise everything covered is located at the link located at the top of the thread. Phew, that is some amazing stuff the team is working on. I hope all of you are as excited about all of the fantastic things we are currently working as we are! We cannot wait to get this done and out to the public. Expect more in the coming months because we are not done yet showing off all of the amazing things we are doing. Offworld Out.
  6. In-Game Name: stealthkiller Steam ID64: 76561197989132291 Date of Birth (Age): 24 Country:USA (WA) Time Zone:PST -8:00 Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 220 hours Anything else? Just an active player that has decided to get more involved in the free candy van server. Hope to help keep peace in game and in discord.
  7. In-Game Name:StealthKiller Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age):08/24/1992 (24) Country:USA (Washington State) Time Zone:PST UTC-8:00 Spoken Languages:English Time Playing Squad:220 Anything else? Been playing as SL for over 100 hours. Have had experience leading groups of players before and projects at work. I have a happy were if I think I can do better then whoever is in power, I strive to work until I can take there place. Happens rarely, but is the reason why I started playing as a SL. The amount of frustration that comes from having inexperience SL which lead me to learning the game more then I ever imagined.