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    I haven't read the stuff on steam yet but I thought I'd throw together some fan fiction. I might edit depending on what you have up already. Galaxy on Fire "Look at it, isn't it amazing?" "It's a fire Kurzak." "It's a symbol of the beginning, the beginning of everything." "Listen buddy, give me that flask back and stop talking like one of those Tri-sec fortune tellers." Kurzak looked up from the fire to meet his friends questioning look. "It all started here Bolvar, we mastered fire and now look where we are." Bolvar grunted dismissively and gestured again for the flask, "I don't get what you're on about, sure, yeah, we mastered fire and now BAM! Here we are, standing on this planet around this fire, what's that smell anyway?" He gestured around him, "Smells like vomit." "It's probably baby's breath." Kurzak replied chuckling, handing over the flask. "What I'm getting at is, we've always moved forward as a species, new frontiers, new challenges, and this is no different." Bolvar took a swig and looked questioningly at him, tossing the flask back. Kurzak continued, "Those Tri-sec zealots are dumbing down generations of us, they've taken several sectors now. They are force feeding everyone that vile religion and if someone doesn't like it, they are dragged out onto the street and vaporized." "Why are you so wrapped up in politics, who cares?" Bolvar responded, stopping to cough into his fist, hiding his amusement. "Because we're going to be in the middle of this mess before we know it. The Iron Coalition is the only thing standing between these followers of Tri-sec, the Q-SEM Legion, and sanity. If we're going to preserve the dignity of the human race we'll need to be ready for war." "If you say so, got anymore?" Bolvar said smirking. "Are you paying attention? Fuck, the solar system is going up in flames and you need another drink!?" stared Kurzak. Laughing, Bolvar paused for a moment and looked hard at his friend, "Relax, I hear you man, I'm pulling your leg. We're here now, pass me another drink and tell me about the plan, you know I'm with you every step of the way, give me the details." They spoke for hours, going over the details of the conflict that would inevitably come to the birthplace of humanity. The truth was, new factions were emerging like wildfire. Old treatise were being torn up as sectors all across the galaxy were staking their claims. As an Iron Coalition member, Kurzak felt it was their duty to protect concepts such as freedom and justice, concepts which seemed to be lost in many systems spanning the multiverse. As the sun rose, in a way it felt like a new beginning, or maybe just a new reality. A chance to shake loose some of the past and look forward to a brighter future. He might not see it within his lifetime, but it was nice to think about. If you want peace, prepare for war, and if it's war they wanted, he'd give it to them.
  2. Any update on what you've decided to do regarding the source code or a modding API?
  3. Reminded me of the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov a bit. Good job.
  4. Kurzak


    I stumbled on this title yesterday on youtube. I had just finished writing down some notes on a game that I would love to develop myself, which coincidently sounds almost exactly like what you have envisioned for this title. I have modded several games in the past and I have some C++ background. I am a quick study when it comes to code and my background is: refrigeration mechanic, controls, power engineer and combat engineer to name a few. I've been gaming for over 30 years now and ever since Subspace (Continuum) and Solar Winds I have dreamed of a game with this scope. I would love to get involved with the project. So, the question is - what can I do for you? Most of the modding I've done in the past has been along the lines of immersion through npcs, quests, level design, story lines etc. Anything to flesh out titles to give them a different flavour. I have also done ship design for Starsector and am quite familiar with gimp2. I might be missing a few things but the point is, I am excited about your project, if you want my help, I'm here.
  5. This is exactly the type of game I would envision building myself. You can bet I will be getting more involved with this community, I am really excited about this project. I hope I might even be able to contribute something to the development.