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  1. Sent message on Discord, and added you on steam. Waiting on response.
  2. In-Game Name: [ŢNS] Demon Steam ID64: 76561198249638558 Date of Birth (Age): 7/15/98 (19) Country: United States of America Time Zone: EST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 292 Hours+ Other admins you have played with: I know I've played with a few like; MiSsToX1c, StrikerC123, Brotherrrr, and others that I unfortunately can't remember the names of. Anything else? I'm a laid back gamer who enjoys having fun within the rules, speaking of which I have read the rules thoroughly. I'm usually available to help seed, but there will be times where I'll be unable to. I can get along with just about anyone. If approved, I will need a bit of training as it would be my first time being a Squad Admin. Thanks for reading friend.