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  1. The NDA has been signed by me and Connor.
  2. To begin, please CLICK HERE to sign our standard non-disclosure agreement. Yes Are you currently over 18, and capable of signing legal documents? Yes Do you have any development experience? No Do you have any game testing experience? Little Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab? Yes Are you familiar with managing Github/Gitlab issue tickets? No Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab code repositories? No Do you currently have Git management software installed and configured? No
  3. I would like to apply for bug testing and feature testing and admin for Project Reality Arma 3.
  4. ARMA 3, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, Project Reality BF2, I have Squad but it runs terribly on my system, Mount and Blade Warband. I have most of the core community games, I really want to get Foxhole and Hell Let Loose though not released yet looks interesting. I don't have a lot of PC games, just got back into PC gaming this past summer, last time I played PC a lot was like 7+ys ago, I'm slowly building up a library though and saving up for an upgraded computer. I enjoy FPS, action, tactical/action, RPG's, anything innovating and fun. I like staying updated with gaming news and understand whats going on in the industry.
  5. JOIN DRK! Nickname: raginreefer on BlueDrake42 forum, on Discord =DRK= Reef, you can either refer to me as Reef or Reefer Age: 22 What got you interested in joining DRK? I would like to be part of a community I enjoy and see succeed. I like DRK's vision of creating innovating content and vibrant social platform for its members. I like tactical action games and I started watching BlueDrake42 back in mid-2015, I knew about Project Reality BF2 years before but I was amazed by the increase in popularity of mod that was almost a decade old into a popular genre of gaming by a few dedicated content creators. Do you understand that by joining DRK you may be assigned any unit or clan in DRK? Yes I understand