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  1. Weapon Balancing/Tweaks

    As I apparently can't edit my posts I'll just make a second post in the thread. With the patch that changed weapon stats, i think balance is notably different and my thoughts from before are not exactly relevant anymore. Gatling/Flak remain pretty solid as-is My thoughts on Heavy Cannons have changed slightly: - Increase turn rate by a small amount. - Increase firerate but some amount. Either by just increasing fire rate, or by giving it a two round burst. Railguns with the changes actually feel about right where they are, not had enough playtime with them myself, but they don't seem to be the *one* optimal weapon anymore and more of a balanced weapon.
  2. Weapon Balancing/Tweaks

    So as we all know railguns are significantly better than all other weapons in most situations and it seems that they still are even with the weight/cost nerf that they took. I've been thinking about why this might be, and some potential ways to balance things out. Gatling and Flak feel like they work fine more or less as they are. Gatlings are a good cheap weapon, not terribly effective against larger ships, but deadly effective against marines. Flak is also in a pretty good place, relatively cheap and good damage output in exchange for needing to be crewed. Heavy cannons to me feel like a good baseline for main weapons solid damage and good range, one tweak I think that would make them more interesting, Make them fire a two round burst but with each shot dealing around half the damage they currently do. This would not alter their Damage output, but it would (imo) make them look a whole lot cooler. Railguns are the real issue with weapons currently, and i'm pretty sure that one reason behind it is that they are two tiles wide, as such you can fit two times as many railguns in a space compared to the number of Flak or Heavy cannons. Given that railguns currently cost the same as a heavy cannon we can assume that they are meant to be equivalent in effectiveness, but because rails are half the width then you can make notably smaller ships while using railguns. What changes i'd suggest to make railguns less OP: cut damage significantly, maybe even to 50% of its current value, and then maybe lower cost back to 2k. I also think that combat engines could possibly do with a little bit of a nerf, but that's a topic for another day.
  3. Respawn Camera

    It would be neat if when you are dead, selecting a core to spawn at would have the camera move to view that core. Would make knowing what ship you are respawning at a whole lot easier, as afaik the only place the X/Y co-ordinates are currently used is in the respawn screen.
  4. Gamemode Ideas

    Some gamemode ideas i had, that seem like they'd be relatively simple to implement (at least from my somewhat rusty programming knowledge) "Mothership" Each team only gets one Core, but otherwise the same as the current default mode. "King of the Hill" Map has a central objective that can be captured like a planet, the objective doesn't give money but points, when a team reaches a point value, they win. Could have more than one "hill" if desired to change it up a bit, but might work best with just one. "Attrition" Each team has a ticket count, on player death you lose a ticket, also losing a core (and maybe other key parts, cockpits?) would cost a team a chunk of tickets. If a team has no powered cores left then they'd suffer a "bleed" to their tickets to prevent games dragging out unnecessarily.