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  1. This is getting out of hand. At peak player level he came and and started removing CORE again in the DEEP space aegis test. Also before I got there he was AFK on his keyboard spinning the ship in a CIRCLE making everyone dizzy.
  2. I'm trying to play on the server on my day off all day so if peopel buy it they have someone to interact with but THIS ONE guy will ruin sales/playerbase.
  3. Basically this guy named Zerknaller keeps joining our games when it is JUST 3 OF US TRYING TO PLAY THIS GAME TOGETHER he comes in and dismantles the core and ends the game. Then decides to go on a power trip and tell us that he is going to keep doing it. A new great game like this needs a great community. Not this toxic shithead who will DRIVE AWAY CUSTOMERS/PLAYERBASE. I have a video of him doing it twice. Here it is. Please ban him and do not give him any chances. Players like this are SEEDS OF DESCENT and need to be weeded out immediately. I've paid for my copy and purchased a copy for a random DRK fan so don't let this snake slip through the cracks. He gains pleasure off of shit like this so just give him the boot.
  4. As in the picture. Create a gravity or magnetic field that friendly ships can fly into and maintain course with the mag-generating ship. Any thrust will disengage from the field so you can fly together but then break off when combat starts. This will also work for artillery -scheme firing where you fly in a line and all ships fire ahead. Rushed and vague idea. -signed +Immersion Gaming - Youtube Keep in mind this can be added with simple things such as Advanced Computer Targeting and AutoPilot features built into the technology of age tech. Instead of gravity or magnetic fields just make it to where ships can link up using the radar/gps/tracking computers-lasers-auto-pilot type things.