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  1. Lambert2191

    About serious honest youtubers

    The only one that I watch that isn't Bluedrake is Bigfry.... and I found Bigfry through Bluedrake so that ain't too helpful.
  2. Lambert2191

    Iron Armada ► February Roadmap

    I like these dev blogs, they're a great idea
  3. Lambert2191

    Iron Armada (First Release GDD)

    Very nice, this game just keeps getting better and better
  4. Lambert2191

    Should we be more open ?

    You could always do these people a favour and explain to them the clear benefits of getting a PC. N0VA may not mean to imply PC Master Race, but I am certainly going to. There is no quantifiable metric where a console beats a PC, it's cheaper, the games are cheaper, the graphics are better, our "exclusives" are both more numerous and higher rated. Instead of Bluedrake spending money on a console server, perhaps the console players can sell their consoles and put the money towards the objectively better gaming platform.
  5. Lambert2191

    Mechwarrior: Living Legends

    Really happy that this is a thing. I was ignorant of all things Mechwarrior up until about a year ago. Bluedrake uploaded some MWO footage (on Frozen City, iirc, which was my favourite map) that I initially thought was rather... stale and boring. I was then urged to download it by a couple of gaming buddies and got rather invested in it. Ended up putting about a dozen videos of it on my youtube channel and joining a lance, the Red Lancers. I ended up quitting it due to becoming a father and not having much time, but by then I was already kind of burned out.. There were many things that I thought just weren't right, and thought the game could be so vastly improved by things I now see in MWLL... the ability to pilot tanks, or even walk around... the maps for the most part were... alright... but then there were some that were just godawful (Terrible Thermal Terra Therma) Anyway, looking forward to having a bit of free time to come play with you folks
  6. Lambert2191

    Introduce Yo'self!

    I'm Lambert. Not a dev or a moderator or anything of the kind, just someone who wants to get involved in the community. I'm quite invested in Iron Armada, and have tried to promote it wherever possible among friends and via my tiny ass youtube channel.
  7. Lambert2191

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone here, and especially those working on Iron Armada <3