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  1. what kind of game modes are you looking at? is there a type of game mode that would make this unique?
  2. I want In how can I help? Can I also suggest we have a few more classes? Engineer :flamethrower Sniper: scoped rifle Machine Gunner: well duh also, is it possible to have vehicles like tanks?
  3. If you have an idea for a Project and want to see if other DRK members are interested, what are some of the things you should do?
  4. I'm interested in helping out with this project. I'm mostly a writer and project assistant/researcher. let me know If I can be of any help.
  5. To begin, please CLICK HERE to sign our standard non-disclosure agreement. Yes Are you currently over 18, and capable of signing legal documents? Yes Do you have any development experience? I have previously written historical content for Gaijin Entertainment and have assisted with small mod productions with Project reality Australian Defence force mods and am currently assisting with a Squad based independent production of the Australian defence forces mod. Do you have any game testing experience? Limited, currently testing in the Starcitizen Alpha. Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab? No Are you familiar with managing Github/Gitlab issue tickets? No Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab code repositories? No Do you currently have Git management software installed and configured? No