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  1. Ive been subscribed to BlueDrake for quite a long time and noticed he has his own game dev portion to his channel that seems open to the community to assist and share/teach. I thought this would be a decent addition. In my free time I have started making an Unreal Engine tutorial series that revolves primarily around C++ to combat the amount of blueprint tutorials found online. As of now this tutorial is aimed at beginners who have a basic grasp on C++ and are looking to get started applying their knowledge to Unreal Engine 4. If anyone here is familiar with me on the Arma 3 forums (gokitty1199), I have created roughly 7 hours worth of video tutorials and this new Unreal Engine series is aimed to follow a similar pattern as my Arma 3 series. Please give suggestions to assist in the quality of the video as well as any mistakes caught Thank you. Hopefully this will at least help a few people get their hands dirty.