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Found 7 results

  1. n-Game Name:=DRK= TacticalHippy16 Steam ID:=DRK= TacticalHippy16 64bit: 76561198379305068 Date of Birth (Age): 06/27/1997 Age: 20 Country: U.S.A. Time Zone: CST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 460+ Anything else? Hi slammed
  2. Hello, This is Guruputra from squad game. I was kicked from the server for "unwilling to follow server rules" According to me, I have only spoke out about it and I have not broken the rules or I never said i am unwilling to follow the rules. I have only stated that rules are not written on the server, and I am not obligated to go out of squad game and search for each server rules. I requested the rules printed at join or start of round. I was saying this while I was running a logi truck to residence objective on map where there was a need of supplies. An admin accused me of using the logi as a means of transport, but I was wrongly accused. I was not aware of the rules until admin told me about it and I spoke against it by saying they are not stated anywhere other than your personal website or discord which is not part of the game. It may be a communication tools, but it is not part of squad game. So, i suggested they write the rules in the game at start of join of each round. They replied by saying you are being kicked just as I was suggesting. I have not broken the rules or was not unwilling to follow the rules. I was simply stating the rules are written in the game. I believe this is not going aganist the rules, and admins should not ban for just talking... if rules are broken then it's a different story. Please unban me for talking. IGN: _Guruputra Thank you for reading my appeal request. I would like to say that punishment is after the crime or caught during the crime or planning. it cannot be a crime for talking about a crime.
  3. In-Game Name: [ŢNS] Demon Steam ID64: 76561198249638558 Date of Birth (Age): 7/15/98 (19) Country: United States of America Time Zone: EST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 292 Hours+ Other admins you have played with: I know I've played with a few like; MiSsToX1c, StrikerC123, Brotherrrr, and others that I unfortunately can't remember the names of. Anything else? I'm a laid back gamer who enjoys having fun within the rules, speaking of which I have read the rules thoroughly. I'm usually available to help seed, but there will be times where I'll be unable to. I can get along with just about anyone. If approved, I will need a bit of training as it would be my first time being a Squad Admin. Thanks for reading friend.
  4. Post you application as a new thread in this sub-forum. Please include: Steam Name: Steam 64 ID ( Country: Time Zone: Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): Experience Admining in ArmA: Additional Information: 3rd time's the charm, right? Let's see if we can get PR:A3 to play like it was intended to.
  5. In-Game Name: |T//A| BeerHammer Steam ID64: 76561198016659457 Date of Birth (Age): 23 Country: United States Time Zone: EST Spoken Languages: English, some German Time Playing Squad: 729 Hours since closed alpha Anything else? Clan rep for Tactically//Adequate, admin on T//A and Valhalla. We'll talk more on discord.
  6. In-Game Name:=DRK= TacticalHippy16 Steam ID:=DRK= TacticalHippy16 Date of Birth (Age): 06/27/1997 Age: 19 Country: U.S.A. Time Zone: CST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 83 Hours Anything else? I know I'm new to the game but I command a squad well for a new player. I've also been an admin of an ark server as well so I have some admin experience.
  7. In-Game Name: [WAR] [GW] molomo Steam ID: 76561198021364421 Date of Birth (Age): 05/31/1995 (21 y.o.) Country: USA Time Zone: CST Spoken Languages: English, French, Portuguese, fluently, German intermediate, Spanish understood Time Playing Squad: Since Early Access (Squad leader pack) Anything else? Used to be an admin for my clan's Insurgency server. We discontinued the server when we stopped being on it regularly.