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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to apply for bug testing and feature testing and admin for Project Reality Arma 3.
  2. In-Game Name: Warrior Steam ID64: 76561198058548026 Date of Birth MM/DD/YY (Age): 09/02/01 (16) Country: USA Time Zone: PDT Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: Approx. 40hrs. on this account. Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 words Min): I feel that I could create a real difference in this server. I have been around this community long enough to see that there is a lack of dedication to this clan and its ideals. DRK is supposed to be a place where actual tactical realism can meet engagement and entertainment. Recently, with the decline of the community and the increase in public users joining FCV, the server has lost its focus. The FCV members do not self-moderate, and even with vigilant members on, they cannot act appropriately. The general quality of the server is degrading, and I want to do something about it. Why should we accept you (125 words min.): In essence, responsibility. When I interviewed for the task force I was asked if I was tenacious and at the time I answered yes, and I would still say I am. Yet, I feel that the correct question is not tenacity, but responsibility. There are a lot of traits that come with responsibility, like integrity and dedication. I can work well with others and I have strong interpersonal skills. I am also ready to learn new things and follow instructions without debate. I excel at community interaction and conflict mediation, both of which are necessary traits for a server administrator. I am also technically inclined and can troubleshoot almost any of the server related issues. I feel strongly about enforcing policies set forth in the guidelines and will make sure others abide by them as well. I can and will work hard to maintain the server's main objective and create a safe and enjoyable community. Why this server over others: I like the community and general vibe over other servers, i.e. less toxic. I am also affiliated with FCV squad. Other admins, you have played with: All of them sans a few T//A guys Anything else? I appreciate the opportunity
  3. Steam Name: Steam 64 ID : 76561198093149787 Country: United Kingdom Time Zone: GMT (BST) Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): 5250 hours Experience Admining in ArmA: Altis life server- 1Y. Dayz server 2Y. Exile Server owner 1Y. Additional Information: Avid Arma player. Nothing matches it for me. Play fair.
  4. Steam Name: Bullrover Steam 64 ID:76561198048560633 Country: USA Time Zone: EST Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): 159 hours Experience Admining in ArmA: I was an admin on PRA3 during the reign of Evan. Additional Information: I was heavily involved in PRA3 and Iron Armada until the final quarter of school when finals and other curricular exams/projects were going on and I had to pull back. But now school has ended for the summer and I would like to try and re-integrate into the community. (as a side note this was made at 3:32 AM and I have no idea how many errors there may be but ehh, i'll sort them out later once I get some sleep. Also I would add more but same problem, maybe once I get some rest so this post might be updated. Just wanted to get this down now while I still remembered.)
  5. Post you application as a new thread in this sub-forum. Please include: Steam Name: Steam 64 ID ( Country: Time Zone: Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): Experience Admining in ArmA: Additional Information: 3rd time's the charm, right? Let's see if we can get PR:A3 to play like it was intended to.
  6. in-Game Name: LtDanUSAFX3 Steam ID64: 76561198024729279 Date of Birth (Age): 09/12/1992 24 years Country: USA Time Zone: Eastern US Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 66 hours Anything else? Was previously Squad admin on old server. I am familiar with the console admin commands. Am a pretty normal dude.
  7. n-Game Name: GengarOP CD Hash (Identifier): 5dcca0a3df6aaeca0c3eb32299ab4d8e Date of Birth: Nov-15-99 Country: USA. West Coast Time Zone: PST Spoken Language(s): English How long have you been playing Project Reality?: Almost a year, but mostly been playing Squad Additional Information: 300+ hours in Squad, lots of experience being a Squad Leader in both games