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Found 2 results

  1. Demon_Wizard

    Capturing FAARPs

    I know Bluedrake heard about this idea from me where instead of JUST blowing up a FAARP, you have the option to capture it to be used by your team. Now, I think to make this a bit more balanced only certain parameters can be in place, i.e you need a certain amount of people in the closer vicinity of the FAARP building (maybe 7-10?) or you can have a certain amount of vehicles in the small radius along with a reduced amount of men in that small radius (2 vehicles will reduce amount of men required by 3?) BD said he'd pass the message along, but he said to be safe post something about it on here, so Skullker if it is being worked on, please keep me updated through this topic. I have high hopes for this mod, and I want to see it grow to it's full potential.
  2. Aidan Shilling

    Anyone wanna play arma?

    Comment your steam if you do...