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Found 2 results

  1. Aidan Shilling

    Anyone wanna play arma?

    Comment your steam if you do...
  2. Absolutely loved B-D's recent Arma3 posts.... RE: Airfield Simulation in ArmA? Update on Project Reality: ArmA III! (ON YOUTUBE) It would be awesome sauce if the node placements were flexible, perhaps upto 1km/500M circular placement(distance from central hub), with placements being a mere suggestion. This would be awesome as it would enable true/tactical placement of asset posts, adapting to the terrain, realistically. That said, I am most pleased by the fact that you've continued development for this gaming arena, for the benefit of the culture/brand/community that finds value here-in. So, can the nodes have some ranged flexibility of placement...? Best regards, Jas