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Found 57 results

  1. Moderator Application Form Nick: Kyle Post Count: 1 Age: 19 Country: US East Coast Experience: I used to be in a community about the size of this one for a solid 2-3 years. I was a moderator and eventually I ran the team. Things with the community began to go a bit downhill and we eventually disbanded out of distaste for how it was run. I'd like to get back into the whole world of internet moderation because I found it to be a fun way to soak up some time when I do have free time. I'm in Uni at the moment at Umass Lowell and at the moment my classes are fairly laid back so I have a lot of free time to soak up helping out communities. I'm fairly laid back but stern when I need to be. I hope the lack of activity in the community forums won't be to much of a drawback seeing as I can easily make up for this within a months time and be involved with the other members whenever possible. I've been in the discord for a solid few months talking here and there and the moderator position caught my eye.
  2. In-Game Name: Warrior Steam ID64: 76561198058548026 Date of Birth MM/DD/YY (Age): 09/02/01 (16) Country: USA Time Zone: PDT Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: Approx. 40hrs. on this account. Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 words Min): I feel that I could create a real difference in this server. I have been around this community long enough to see that there is a lack of dedication to this clan and its ideals. DRK is supposed to be a place where actual tactical realism can meet engagement and entertainment. Recently, with the decline of the community and the increase in public users joining FCV, the server has lost its focus. The FCV members do not self-moderate, and even with vigilant members on, they cannot act appropriately. The general quality of the server is degrading, and I want to do something about it. Why should we accept you (125 words min.): In essence, responsibility. When I interviewed for the task force I was asked if I was tenacious and at the time I answered yes, and I would still say I am. Yet, I feel that the correct question is not tenacity, but responsibility. There are a lot of traits that come with responsibility, like integrity and dedication. I can work well with others and I have strong interpersonal skills. I am also ready to learn new things and follow instructions without debate. I excel at community interaction and conflict mediation, both of which are necessary traits for a server administrator. I am also technically inclined and can troubleshoot almost any of the server related issues. I feel strongly about enforcing policies set forth in the guidelines and will make sure others abide by them as well. I can and will work hard to maintain the server's main objective and create a safe and enjoyable community. Why this server over others: I like the community and general vibe over other servers, i.e. less toxic. I am also affiliated with FCV squad. Other admins, you have played with: All of them sans a few T//A guys Anything else? I appreciate the opportunity
  3. In-Game Name: chrisweb89 CD Hash (Identifier): f627b44911c79bcf1d7db35135e3151f Date of Birth: 1993 Country: Canada Time Zone: Mountain Spoken Language(s): English How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 9 years Additional Information: Been an admin many times, got some ideas on how to get PR on track.
  4. I was interested in being reinstated as an FCV Admin for PR! I'm finally back from extensive training and can commit to being an admin again! 31 yrs old, Work Medical Field Full Time but 50% of my gametime is committed to PR as my fps of choice, which I also actively promote within |TM| (The Mothership Community) Weekends Off, used to Admin when Wicca was in charge last year and earlier in 2017! |TM| KillroyIsHere
  5. NICK: Klonkriege 501. HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SQUAD: 81+ hours HAVE YOU READ OUR DOCUMENT?: yes AGE:17 DOB-9/11/2000 WHAT OTHER CLANS HAVE YOU BEEN IN: no CAN YOU SHOW UP FOR TRAINING ONCE PER WEEK: yes PREFFERED KITS: optic rifleman, medic, grenadier, light AT ANYTHING ELSE: got ADHD, play arma 3, battlefield, and hero's & general's.
  6. NICK: crabbier HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SQUAD: 337 hours HAVE YOU READ OURDOCUMENT: Yes AGE: 25 WHAT OTHER CLANS HAVE YOU BEEN IN: N/A CAN YOU SHOW UP FOR TRAINING ONCE PER WEEK: Can't always guarantee once a week, esp. if training is moved from Sundays (@ work mid afternoon). Certainly can do at least once a month for backup roster. PREFERRED KITS: Medic, followed by grenadier, LAT, or rifle. ANYTHING ELSE: I'm content to be verbally abused by Wicca.
  7. In-Game Name: Viridovix STEAM 64 (Identifier): Date of Appeal: 8/11/2017 Date of Infraction: 8/11/2017 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): tacticalhippy16, undead psycho Additional Information: the racist talk be just how i be but i ain't tk nobody and i got a witness to prove dat. if you want i can give him a holla and get him to testify and shit
  8. NICK: vetorcharlie HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SQUAD: I have 20 hours but I have also been playing Project Reality for a couple years. HAVE YOU READ OUR DOCUMENT: yes, I have. AGE: 16 WHAT OTHER CLANS HAVE YOU BEEN IN: N/A CAN YOU SHOW UP FOR TRAINING ONCE PER WEEK: yes, i can but i prefer it to not be spontaneous. PREFERRED KITS: 1 grenadier 2 squad leader 3 marksman ANYTHING ELSE: I understand how to follow orders and work well under pressure.
  9. In-Game Name: =DRK=Vac Steam ID64: 76561198091846088 Date of Birth (Age): Feb 18th 2001 Country: United States Time Zone: Mountain Time Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 672 Hours (adding my main account and old account) Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 word Min): I want to be apart of the squad FCV admin team because, I have been a member of FCV members ever since the FCV PR server came out and I loved the community to this day I still do love the FCV community. Since I am on about 24/7 till school starts ill still be on often that I will keep people from Disrupting Others Fun on FCV servers. I also like to encourage people to play on FCV servers so I will tell people to seed it when its empty most of the time. I've seen how great the FCV Admins are so I want to contribute to that by helping Newbies on the server out when they are not on, Then keeping the server clean of trolls that ruin everybody's fun and Enforcing the FCV server rules for example, Only squads with APC in the name can have APC's and same with the Logis. Why should we accept you (125 word min.): I think You guys should accept me because I usually enforce rules on the server aka tell people them even when I'm not an admin and I help new people on the server out by telling them how to play/how to be a squad lead by playing down HAB's and FOB's. I will Keep the people that troll/teamkill/intentionally explode team vehicles, off the server when other admins aren't on and are on. I always have fun with the people that play on the server to make sure they comeback to FCV servers and make FCV servers the main servers they play on. I am respectful of others and I respect the admins on FCV servers on any game and I respect anyone that plays on FCV not to be a dick and drive them off. I try to offer a fun/competitive experience in the server and other servers so they people that play have a good time and comeback to squad FCV so we can grow the FCV/draklings community and be the best squad server there is out there. Also I want it to be the most enjoyable and I think I can add to that. Why this server over others: I find this server and the people on this server way more fun and experienced. Other admins you have played with: I have played with slammed, TacticalHippy, MissToxic , Wicca Anything else? I have Over a 1000+ hours on PR 200 of those are on the FCV server and I have 59 hours on my main account for squad since v0.1 alpha launch I'm a backer and the other 613 hours are on my 2nd account and a couple hundred hours on arma 3 too and I was part of a realism unit for arma 3 called 3rd ranger battalion.
  10. In-Game Name: Kennanjk STEAM 64 (Identifier): 76561198113209385 Date of Appeal: 7/31/17 Date of Infraction: 7/18/17 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): beer burns Additional Information I was banned becuase my brother was racist on my account and playing squad on the server and was dumb enough to be in a squad of admins while doing it I then when on discord to apologize for it for him and had him opologize and asked if I could be unbanned they said to do this I did but I got denied due to "the admins speaking to you in discord" which I have no idea why that would do anything but help my case as earlier I provided proof I had a brother in a picture and by talking to the beer and burns on discord so unless I said sorry to Mutch and that wasn't acceptable I don't know why I was Denided being unbanned and would like to be unbanned Ps: I've never been banned before on any game before that wasn't my friends server that we where screwing around on and having an admin war
  11. In-Game Name: Taylor Steam ID64: sang0337 Date of Birth (Age): 04/04/1998 (20) Country: USA Time Zone: Pacific Spoken Languages: English, Korean, little bit of German Time Playing Squad: 3 hours (week) and 5~7 hours (weekend). 278 hours total. Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 word Min): I was part of the admin team, but something got wrong after the patch. So I want to be part of it again. Why should we accept you (125 word min.): I love to play Squad, and when I play game, I play that game very long. For example, I played Red Orchestra 2 for 741 hours. I can get on Squad very often and play ot for long time. Why this server over others: When I first became an admin, I was pissed off at people TKing others, and I called for help for the admins. They really came to help me. Other admins you have played with: Slammed, TacticalHippy, Ethik, Burns, and Lt. Taylor Dan. Anything else? I preffer Brunett over Blonde
  12. In-Game Name: Kennanjk STEAM 64 (Identifier): 76561198113209385 Date of Appeal: 7/18/17 Date of Infraction: 7/18/17 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Beer , Burns Additional Information Dumb ass brother was dumb and racist on my account
  13. In-Game Name: CanadianhatDance Steam ID64: 76561197960287930 Date of Birth (Age): 04/12/1991 26 years old Country: United States Time Zone: Mountain Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 266 hrs since EA release Anything else? Will be out of State for 2 months May-August. Otherwise I am in University to become a teacher. I've worked with children for 6+ years.
  14. In-Game Name: Nigelos Steam ID64: 76561198206264765 Date of Birth (Age): 23/08/2000 (16) Country: Malta Time Zone: GMT+1 Spoken Languages: English, Maltese, some German Time Playing Squad: 119 hours Anything else? Active on Discord, some guys told me to apply for admin. Important: I won't be able to admin on the FCV server till mid June due to exams. However after they're done ill be good.
  15. In-Game Name: Rubber Ducky Steam ID64: 76561198040778977 Date of Birth (Age): 20 years old Country: USA Time Zone: PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 276 Hours Anything else? I tend to play with a rubber duck at my side. I like to add a little humor to the game to brighten everyone's day and even have little soundtracks playing during key situations to improve player morale. With that being said, I'm also cautious when it comes to abusing the mic, so I don't abuse it. Like I said, I do it to really get a positive experience from my teammates. Lastly, I do what I can to combat any toxic players in the server by reporting to the authorized individuals that can deal with them accordingly.
  16. In-Game Name: Starboss12 Steam ID64:76561198141272901 Date of Birth (Age):2000 Country:USA Time Zone:PT Spoken Languages:English Time Playing Squad:35 Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 word Min):The big reason I want to join the Admin is so i can get more involved with the FCV community. My hope is that, ones on the team, i could participate with veted players and staff alike. Why should we accept you (125 word min.):A good reason you should accept me into the ranks of adminship is because I atempt to keep active in the FCV communeaty and be around as often as i can be. Often joining people for a game of Squad or talking or jokeing in the Discord. Why this server over others:Because im already in the FCV Groop Other admins you have played with: Burns, Beer, Moldy_Crumpet, tactical, Brotherrrrr, Shinobi, Siikik, Slaxin, xApollo Anything else? Nah, looks good...
  17. In-Game Name:=DRK= gen.killa Steam ID64:gen.killa Date of Birth (Age):08/09/1996 Country:U.S. Time Zone:Eastern Spoken Languages:English Time Playing Squad:36 hours Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 word Min): I've played with the community for a few years now; first on PR now on squad and would like to join in keeping our servers fair and fun to play in. Why should we accept you (125 word min.): I have admined a server on Day of Defeat:Source and Counter Strike:Source I also Moderate for a lot of channels on twitch such as stellarbarlley, Flamegoat, Cameron 8161, and others that do not exist anymore. Other admins you have played with: tactical hippy, miss toxic, heretic, brotherrr, burns, and ethic. Anything else? I played PR for about 5 years and 3 years on FCV servers and have always enjoyed how fun and fair your servers are
  18. In-Game Name:Andypro14 CD Hash (Identifier):68a728dd3f07178d6e5a6912a03cb4e0 Date of Birth:28/10/1996 Country: Viet Nam Time Zone:UTC+7:00 Spoken Language(s):vietnamese, English and a bit of russians How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 5 years Additional Information:i have some admin experience from other games and because i want to seed the server that i have played a long time ago. And i don't want the server to die like (SSG) Server. P/s: Bluedrake is the reason why i've played on his PR server since 2014
  19. Username: Titty Moderator who banned you(If applicable): Reaper1526 Reason you were banned: There was a guy spamming chat to go join the PR:A3 event and everyone told him to stop and I said jokingly " I have more then enough years and power behind my back to make your life a living hell on DRK " Additional Information: I didn't mean it to be rude or a threat, I have been with the DRK for 5 years and all I did was make a joke but Reaper saw it differently and I am sorry for that.
  20. FireForEffect Dunno why i was banned, haven't been on PR in almost a year. CD Key Hash is not showing, and YES i know where its located.. But it is blank for some fucking reason. Anyway, idk whats up with my account etc, again just getting back on again after a year. Dunno what else to say.
  21. In-Game Name: [ŢNS] Demon Steam ID64: 76561198249638558 Date of Birth (Age): 7/15/98 (19) Country: United States of America Time Zone: EST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 292 Hours+ Other admins you have played with: I know I've played with a few like; MiSsToX1c, StrikerC123, Brotherrrr, and others that I unfortunately can't remember the names of. Anything else? I'm a laid back gamer who enjoys having fun within the rules, speaking of which I have read the rules thoroughly. I'm usually available to help seed, but there will be times where I'll be unable to. I can get along with just about anyone. If approved, I will need a bit of training as it would be my first time being a Squad Admin. Thanks for reading friend.
  22. In-Game Name: =DRK= The_Fish_God CD Hash (Identifier): 849adcffd4a115d7b5c8212d04dae418 Date of Birth: 9/13/01 Country: USA Time Zone: EST Spoken Language(s): English, Some Spanish and Portuguese How long have you been playing Project Reality?: At least 3 years Additional Information: I want to play Project Reality, but Free Candy Van is the only good server. Whenever there are players on it, which is rare, there's never any admins, and I just want to be able to help make the server better.
  23. Steam Name: Burns Steam 64 ID:76561198273666405 Country: USA Time Zone: PST Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): 123 hours Experience Admining in ArmA: N/A Additional Information: I'm a senior admin on the FCV Squad server with the admin app and training team. I'm a people person and I can keep a level head. I also play with a froup on Arma named -CML- so I might be able to bring some people over and get them interested in PRA3.
  24. Steam Name: dellerbuff Steam 64 ID: 76561198119617111 Country: USA Time Zone: EST Experience with ArmA: 1100 hours Experience Admining in ArmA: None Additional Information: Always seeding the server (global chat would be great), always trying to increase player counts, and overall trying to make the community bigger/ better wherever I can.
  25. Steam Name: kiam.crox Steam 64 ID: 76561198222808968765611982228089687656119822280896876561198222808968 Country: UK Time Zone: GMT (currently BST) Experience with ArmA: on and off for a couple of years. got 800hrs Experience Admining in ArmA: none Additional Information: HeyHo, not sure if im the best man for the job as far as dishing out discipline n such but im on the server alot anyway tryna seed n global chat privileges would be pretty useful so here goes.