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Found 1 result

  1. Key Points to mention Upgraded engine to 4.16 Getting close to releasing from alpha 40 Full Time developers Still fully backing Squad SDK "In May of this year, we transitioned two developers, StrangeZak (Zak Strange) and Irontaxi (Chris Greig) into planning and implementation of the modding platform for a complete release to launch around the end of September. Our modding platform now includes the ability to Create, Load, and Share Mods from the Squad SDK straight to the Steam Workshop with plans to add custom multiplayer maps from the Steam Workshop before the release." As part of the first steps in this effort, Offworld Industries is proud to announce our partnership with Periscope Games who have been diligently working on "Post Scriptum," a WW2 multiplayer FPS with a focus on historical accuracy. Set in the 9 day long Operation Market Garden campaign of 1944,, Post Scriptum will depict British paratroopers fighting Tiger tanks amongst the fields, villages and towns of the Netherlands, all the way to Arnhem! In our opinion it looks fantastic, is set in a unique operation from WW2 and is well worthy of being a standalone game. Periscope plans to take their project to a complete commercial release scheduled for 2018. (To important not to mention) Motion Capture for more realism UGL Animations including zeroing on grenade launcher and shotgun animations WIP (Animation 1) (Animation 2) (Download animation 2 or visit site to watch video) Tow Launchers and RPG-26 Renders New Reanimated Vehicle Weapon Animations (Animation 1) (Animation 2) (Animation 3) (Download links for videos, otherwise visit site to watch video) New map Fallujah New map Narva Down below are the images and videos mentioned in the key points mentioned.