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Found 2 results

  1. Hello fellow Gamers As an avid fan of Bluedrake's Project Reality 1942 mod for Battlefield 1942, I submit a request. That there be an auto-remove script added for spent casings generated by firing the Flak 38. As PR1942 players may know, Bluedrake's Modding team added a spent casings generater for the flak 38 but not the bofors 40 mm. This same script, is causing lag on computers that would otherwise run all modded maps smoothly.Given that these flak pieces fire five rounds every three seconds, in sixty seconds one hundred spent casings have been generated. The game engine simply cannot handle this many spent casings bouncing around the map. As a request, I ask that this script be removed, or a script to automatically remove the spent casings after two seconds be added. Preferably, a the script that generates the casings should be removed from game, this is my reasoning: those casings are casings of medium calibre artillery, meaning 7.5 cm to 15.5 cm artillery pieces, the types of anti aircraft weapons that exist in battlefield 1942 are the following: 2 cm Flak 38, and 40 mm (4 cm) Bofors AA, both of which are considered to be the caliber of machine-cannon, neither of witch should be dropping out the casings that the current script is generating. I am aware that in game, despite being different calibers, both do the same damage,. If anything, the casings generated should look like the spent casings ejected by the Engineer rifles in game. Thank you for reading this Comments?
  2. Hi I was just wondering whether anyone still played project reality 1942, the Battlefield 1942 mod by bluedrake's developing team. Because the game is not capable of singleplayer (adding AI into a game will make it crash except a select few maps). So I need real players to play against. Any servers out there for the Mod? Or anyone want to play with me? Thanks