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Youtube's Future

By Bluedrake42, 10/29/2018

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Didn't have enough time to completely flesh out all my thoughts and observations about Youtube in this one video, but I just wanted to at least make one video talking about how I feel about it. There has been a lot of misleading announcements from Youtube itself, and misinformation blurring the real situation... and I just wanted to voice the reality of what I see, versus what Youtube is trying to have people believe.

I have more to say about this, but I guess that will have to wait for a future video.

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1:16 - When I say that I don't think another verbatim YT where you can upload videos and all that.
I meant that previously there was MTV, and then there was YT.
As in, whats the next dream job.
Whats after YT in that line of succession?
3:27 - I haven't heard "forced positivity" being used that way before. Where it refers to the people running it, not the creators using it. Interesting...
I get why they do it. If they were brutally honest about it investors would leave, creators would leave, and viewers would look elsewhere, just sooner. And using fan loyalty and love of YT to try and reinvigorate it sounds so risky that it would be more likely to fail than succeed in my mind since there is no real community. 
15:20 - Yeah, I could definitely see that. I don't know how much money you paid to make the website and how much it costs to run per month. But I would not be surprised if big YouTubers, like Pewdiepie,  just made their own website and simply uploaded their latest content to their site first then upload it the next day to YouTube so it gets people on their site. (Like the Escapist with Zero Punctuation, and YMS, and Bombards Body Language)
Plus, they won't get copystriked, and content won't arbitrarily disappear. 
17:06 - Well, you might get noticed easier on these big platforms.
But also, I would not be surprised if one of these sites has lousy security and their financial backers get their data breached. 
Of course, you could just use Paypal....

Love your total rants. I love the out of the box ideas, and the honesty. I find them very compelling.

Can't wait for the next one!

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If many of my Favorite Youtubers got there own website and left youtube, i and many others would follow them.

Youtube have became a shit hole of content that nobody likes and its more depressing to know so many unskilled people now have a platform where they can just copy someone else and be successful, as a youtuber your channel is very limited to what you can do on it and as a watcher youtube oversaturate you with useless content that is overwhelming.

This Website {for now} its far more relaxing to be in, something youtube now lacks, i had to disable the comments on youtube do to how bad they got over mindless stuffs.

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I remember spending hours downloading videos from websites, P2P programs, or direct transfer through mIRC.  Things that were only just a couple hundred megabytes was a huge ordeal to share between people.  That's why game demos was such a big deal since it wasn't recorded video but keytrokes.  We went from spending an afternoon to download a two minute 144p video to streaming HD 1080p movies and webcams in real-time. 

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