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Flat Earth Society

By Bluedrake42, 11/03/2018

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I think Neil on a level agrees with those sentiments. He expressed a similar notion at 2:15. I just think his personality or persona rather gets the better of him sometimes.

Here's to this wild ride with you man.

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This is why that guy is bogus he is so full of himself humans will always question everything and its that drive that makes us go beyond our knowledge

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Yes, I agree, a portion of the people who are Flat Earthers or conspiracy theorists are probably really skeptical about the system. And the people in charge. 
I will not deny there is some very weird, and subtle, yet alarming things going on.
However, I have hunch some of the flat Earthers are actually people who just want to have something special in their life (like exclusive insider info), which draws them out from a crowd and makes them feel like they are part of a special exclusive club.
Also, I have a feeling some of the people who believe in conspiracy theories, are individuals who are extremely book smart, however this blinds them(since they aren't wrong very much in school they think they are fine elsewhere since you don't get a grade for being life smart) to other things, like life smarts (Ex: How to write a monthly budget, looking both ways before crossing a street and etc.). And as a result they fall for more blatantly dumb things like some conspiracy theories.
But yeah, I do agree there should be a strong culture of skepticism towards things.
I find whenever I get involved in a situation myself thats known to be a mess, I find it doesn't need to be that way. Mostly.

So how do we make sure we aren't being deceptive/have a weird belief system/are dumb:
Last year I read somewhere that when someone/entity/group says: "Don't listen to them they are crazy and/or wrong".
And especially if they also do not give specific clear info that prevents you from getting a clear picture of the people/situation they are attacking.
Even more so if they are made fun of, or are straw manned. (As in, they are treated as "obviously" unreasonable.)
Go listen to what they have to saw.
Unless you are genuinely breaking a law or harming yourself or risking your safety by going there.
They are likely trying to get you to not go to them because they have info that they do not want you to hear.
And I would recommend you go there. These days its easy, usually they have a website.
Note: If you do go there you need to recognize they may also have a weird belief system as well, so look for unedited raw footage or unaltered evidence where they is no room for misinterpretation.

15:05 - There are some rumors and maybe evidence out there that there is software (although its extremely exclusive and expensive) which allows you to create CGI that can and has been faked as real. I'm not sure if its CGI graphics and/or Photoshop for videos, but I know its out there. (Just Google Barrack Obama saying "We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything at any point in time,". Hint: He didn't say that) (And debatebly Elizabeth Holmes in this video is actually a CGI version of her. But its probably not and its on the conspiracy side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGfaJZAdfNE).
Some technical experts and body language experts maybe able to detect it but, nobody else can. Right now anyway. 
I'm not too scared, ppl will learned how to spot if something was photoshopped, and people will be able to learn if evidence is faked.

17:14 - Yes, technology makes it easier to be deceptive. But I blame it more on the people doing the deceiving than the tech itself. Or a culture of being deceptive. But I could see it having a large piece to a culture of skepticism. The spying infrastructure that was quietly built by the NSA could very easily be used by an evil government. Unlike Photoshop where you can use it for a lot of good things too.

20:12 - It not a joke now. But I would argue you probably aren't fake. First because your body language moves in a way that suggests you are real. And there would have been ways to make it WAYYYYY easier to edit you. (You wouldn't be as animated in your body language when you talk, also, you room would likely be in a room in front of a green screen, or you'd be wearing an all black sweatshirt and have your arms by your side.
But also, nobody who could do this would animate you since it wouldn't be profitable for them.

28:23 - Man, old people today are already paranoid about being scammed. Imagine how were gonna need to be. Of course we'll probably be technologically competent. But thats not a 100% safety net.

32:23 - I think the senate said something about this politically biased blacklisting, while claiming social media companies aren't politically biased.

35:27 - Humans and robots will merge, and it will be quick. Many people already see their phone as part of themselves. Some people get the sweats when they don't have heir phone with them. The next step is it will be in us. I wonder what that will do to sports (can you be augmented?), or what the rich can buy that the rest of us won't be able to buy. And should it be regulated so the rich don't get too far ahead since their brain will have the computing power of a computer.
On the other hand, it would be pretty great to know that when i'm old and I wake up and my back hurts I can call my doctor and get a new spine with no pain in under two hours.
Or I could go to France and rent(Why would i buy it, its expensive, and i'll only be there two weeks) a chip that lets me speak French.
(I wonder what this will do to learning? Sure its great for things already understood. But what about learning new undiscovered things where nobody has the answers too? Some ppl may loose their ability to learn new things or rely on it for all of their thoughts and not create their own opinions. I guess they'll be brain dead essentially. Or more machine than person. But I would be careful not to see them as lesser beings)

36:43 - Hopefully a group of people's humanity isn't questioned on a mass scale. That could lead to genocide.


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I just thought of this but if the ice caps are melting and the Earth is flat does that mean the wall of ice that keeps the water In the the dish is getting shorter? Consequently allowing us to explore whatever is out there. There could be an edge!


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I propose we write an AI called Bluedrake AI. Its only goal is to make total rants. The AI will run rampant and destroy the world with facts.


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Bluedrake confirmed robot sent by Illuminaty.


Btw, you talking about the IA sounded like you just watched a maraton of Black Mirror follow by playing  the Deus Ex saga (specially the limbs part) and problably going to sleep with Ex Machina on the Tv. "Reality overcomes Fiction".

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Earth is flat mother fuckers!

Anyone who says I'm wrong has the big gay

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People have to be allowed to ask questions.  The fact that some people want to silence Flat Earthers is frightening.  Holy crap Bluedrake is woke af!

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The unknown is something that is veiled from man, shrouded perhaps by a terrifying context, but which, nonetheless, is within man's reach.
      The unknown becomes the known at a given time. The unknowable, on the other hand, is the indescribable, the unthinkable, the unrealizable. It is something that will never be known to us, and yet it is there, dazzling and at the same time horrifying in its vastness.
      There is a simple rule of thumb: in the face of the unknown, man is adventurous. It is a quality of the unknown to give us a sense of hope and happiness. Man feels robust, exhilarated. Even the apprehension that it arouses is very fulfilling.

The problem with Science is a matter of Ego and Self Importance for it cannot conceive that the Unconceivable exist. The only thing I know for sure is that everything can be placed into these 3 spheres: The Known, the Unknown, and the Inconceivable. The known and the unknown are a finite set ; the known eventually becomes the unknown and the Unknown becomes known.

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