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  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the very rare... final release build of SMOD: Tactical 1.0. This build was leaked by one of the original play-testers of the modification after the original creator went missing for over six years. I've decided to make this build public since I believe it is what the original creator would have wanted. A quick disclaimer... this modification is very difficult to install. I would recommend joining our Discord and talking with our other members to discuss how to install this modification. You will need to have Counter Strike: Source, Half Life 2, SMOD: Standalone, and Source SDK Base 2006 all fully installed. This file that I have uploaded is merely the SMOD: Tactical modification, and not the full SMOD installation. I may create another internal release that is much easier to install (which includes all the dependent assets) but since these include copyrighted Valve material (such as Counter Strike and Half Life 2 assets) it cannot be publicly distributed. Perhaps if someone is interested... they could create a new version of this modification which replaces all Valve assets with new original assets. If this happened... we could release an installer version of the modification. Anyways... after a long time, here are the files. There are still a few bugs and missing features... but I have to admit, this is the most complete and stable version of the modification I've ever played. If anyone needs help with installation, feel free to join our Discord. Additionally, if there are any developers who are interested in possibly continuing this modification (or updating it to work with the latest version of Source) let me know. Happy modding.


  3. Version 1.0.0


    A prototype of a modern third person shooter system. Written by Longmire and packaged by Drakeling Labs.


  4. Version 1.0.0


    A prototype of physics based helicopters in Unreal Engine 4. Written by Klian and available on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace.


  5. Hi, i really love you work. Wouldn't you be interested in selling a copy of your server? I really want something like this to run in a private Lan house party. Please, think about and reply to my email:
  6. Bluedrake42

    Steam Update

    We're still here. Working every day since our last development blog, the Iron Armada development team has been toiling away working towards the ultimate release of our game. This newly released version is the pre-release for our first non-early access release of the game. There will still be some bugs, and a chunk of more work to be done... but with your help, we are now nearing the first completed version of Iron Armada. If you would like to read more, you can visit our website to read the full development blog.[] What is included in this new version of the game? Single-player missions and autonomous drones. Players can now construct and fight against autonomous drones in offline single-player modes. These drones also work in multiplayer matches, meaning that cooperative and PVPVE modes are also entirely possible. Pressurization and airlock mechanics. Players now need to ensure that ships are airtight. Ships can be damaged and entire decks can be depressurized. Players can survive off of emergency oxygen reserves for limited amounts of time... but managing a ship's hull integrity is now of new importance. Advanced logistics and docking mechanics. Players can now store resources in tanker ships, and transfer resources to other ships using docking bays. Docking bays can also be used to tow other ships, or even house fighters when the fighters are not being piloted. Torpedoes and advanced weapon mechanics. Players can now construct torpedo bombers, and fire slow (but powerful) physics-driven rocket weaponry. Additionally new explosive, armor penetration, and weapon deviation mechanics will continue to make combat even more interesting. Voice communications, squad mechanics, shipyards, and more. This update includes a significant number of additional features not listed here. To read more make sure to visit our website development blog! Remember that this is the beta release for our upcoming full release of Iron Armada. Issues are still expected, and bug reports are much appreciated. However we hope that you will enjoy the new features that we have worked hard on, and once Iron Armada is fully completed... we hope you will appreciate the time we've put into building this game. Hopefully I will see you on the battlefield again soon. - Bluedrake42 Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.
  7. Bluedrake42

    Beta Release

    Welcome everyone, to the first beta release of Iron Armada. After four years of development, Iron Armada is now finally moving towards a full release. Developing Iron Armada has been a massive journey, that has given us valuable experience, and a lasting appreciation for our supportive community. If you would like to play the latest version of Iron Armada, consider downloading the game on Steam. The beta includes many new features, as well as a few work-in-progress features we are still improving before the final release. PURCHASE IRON ARMADA ON STEAM Introducing automaton units, single-player modes, and cooperative modes. For the first time ever, Iron Armada now has full single-player support. This is possible due to an overhaul to our server-side wrapper and the inclusion of new automaton units. Automatons are drones that work similar to normal ships, but include a special artificial intelligence core which can take control of any ship it is attached to. Introducing pressurization and airlock mechanics. You voted on this mechanic... alright maybe two years ago, but it is now finally done. After a considerable amount of work, we've finally created a highly performant (yet still very simple) system for ship pressurization. Ships now require airlocks to seal decks, and unsealed decks will be exposed to the vacuum of space. However, fear not! Your player is equipped with a suit that features emergency oxygen reserves... so you can still survive for limited amounts of time in unpressured environments. Just make sure you don't stay exposed to the elements for too long. Introducing advanced logistics, docking mechanics, and expanded resources. After a considerable amount of testing, we've finally settled on a new system for managing resources and building ship tiles. Resources can be mined from planets, salvaged from debris fields, and stored in containers. These containers connect to any manufacturing facilities and allow for the construction of new tiles (or new ships, if you are using a shipyard.) Resources can now also be transferred between ships using the new docking mechanics, which can allow for new advanced gameplay mechanics (like tanker vessels.) Additionally new systems (such as salvage lasers) have been added, so that specialized ships can mine resources without requiring players to leave the safety of their ship. Introducing voice communications and squad mechanics. A new entirely optional feature is the inclusion of wings and voice communications. Players can now create wings that other players can join, and use voice communication between either other wing members... or with other faction members. We feel that this will help advanced players communicate with other teammates better, and hopefully also organize better strategies (if they choose to.) Introducing torpedoes and expanded weapon functionality. A major inclusion in the newest build of Iron Armada has been torpedoes and new weapon mechanics. Torpedoes are weapons with an explosive area of effect, but are much slower than conventional weapons... and can be easily shot down. Additionally new mechanics like weapon deviation, flak fire, armor penetration, and explosive damage will make combat much less predictable than before. Introducing the shipyard and ship blueprint management systems. No longer are you required to build ships from scratch. If you have saved blueprints on your computer, you can now request them from shipyards (provided you have the resources.) Shipyards also allow players to manage their existing blueprints, or generate new ones by scanning any ships that are docked to the shipyard installation. Introducing a simple in-game tutorial. Lastly, to help with new players... we have created a simple in-game tutorial to help explain the basic mechanics of Iron Armada. This is something we hope will help players learn Iron Armada more quickly, and make multiplayer matches more focused on gameplay... than on training up newbies. In closing. Thank you so much for your support over the years. Creating Iron Armada has been an incredibly worth while experience, and we've enjoyed every moment we've put into building this game. This beta release is still a little rough, and naturally we're hoping with your feedback we'll be able to get our game over the finish line. However this version of Iron Armada is the most feature complete version of the game we've released to-date. With your help, we'll be able to finally release the version of Iron Armada we all originally envisioned! Thank you so much, and hopefully I will see you on the battlefield soon.
  8. Welcome everyone, to the first full release of the Los Santos Muertos modification. After two years of development work, Los Santos Muertos is now finally moving beyond the beta phase. This does not mean that we are ceasing development... however this version of Los Santos Muertos is the most stable, feature complete, and expansive version of the modification that we have released. Welcome to Los Santos Muertos PLAY LOS SANTOS MUERTOS | JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER | DONATE TO LOS SANTOS MUERTOS DEVELOPMENT Let's talk about the newest version of Los Santos Muertos. In Los Santos Muertos you can play as six distinct factions, or as a renegade survivor unaffiliated with anyone. You can purchase a wide variety of vehicles from faction vendors... or scavenge and repair vehicles from the wasteland. You can trade with vendors... or loot random supply caches discovered throughout the world. Bases allow players a place to save vehicles, save gear, and save their character. The Los Santos Muertos unique extraction system means players can't disconnect to avoid combat or to avoid losing their gear... so every engagement is high risk, but also high reward. Players who enjoy playing Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, or other multiplayer survival games will enjoy the unique blend of competitive and cooperative gameplay offered in Los Santos Muertos. The full list of changes will be listed below. Los Santos Muertos 1.0 Changes Added functionality to Radios. When a Radio is equipped... all friendly faction members who also have a radio equipped can see your location on the map. However... non-friendly players who have a radio equipped can also see your location (and your alignment) but only at short distances. This will be useful for linking up with other faction members, and also identifying what the alignment of other radio-equipped players are. This is essentially a basic IFF system... but is entirely optional, since the radio can be equipped and unequipped at will. Added finite ammunition to all vehicles for every ammunition type. Every vehicle now has limits to the number of rockets, bullets, grenades, shells, or other ammunition types that it can carry. Vehicles can be rearmed by purchasing each individual ammunition type at faction vehicle chop-shops. Most faction bases sell a selection of different vehicles, with more advanced vehicles being randomly available. This random advanced vehicle chance resets each real life day. Added a tutorial to the base game. We think this will help a lot of new players learn the game much more quickly. It can be easily opened, and explains most of the base mechanics of Los Santos Muertos. Expanded high-tier bases with more garages and more storage space. This should make high-tier factions worth the risk of joining. Currently high-tier factions are more strict about rules of engagement... however now these factions offer more facilities to members. This should make both low-tier and high-tier factions worth joining... depending on each individual player's play style. Countless bug fixes and balance changes. This includes everything from custom base borders (which fixes faction NPCs spawning way outside base perimeters... YAY NO MORE BANDIT HIGHWAY OF DEATH) to fixing the fact that keys were somehow able to open every single door. Obviously I'm sure there are still bugs that remain... but we feel confident that we have fixed most of the obvious and game-breaking ones. If you find any additional ones... make sure to report them on the forums! Hopefully you all are enjoying our modification. If you are, consider making a donation to keep development going. You can donate on our DonorBox page here: We are currently working on a standalone project, and if enough support is garnered... we may be able to make our next survival project on a standalone game engine. However... until next time, I hope I see you in the wasteland. It has been an honor to work on this game, and see so many people enjoy it. I am hoping this is only the beginning... and if you stick with us, I'm hoping we will be able to take the game much further. Long live Los Santos Muertos
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    A mod created by the Drakeling Labs team for Maximum Action. Credits include Bluedrake42, PookyThePolak, and Angelfinn. Download the modification, and extract to your Maximum Action installation directory! Installation instructions included in the package.


  10. Hi I can't seem to find it on the marketplace and that link you put doesn't seem to work?
  11. Welcome everyone, to the first full release of the Los Santos Muertos beta. After months of hard work, open playtesting, closed playtesting, building, and rebuilding... we are proud to unveil the first feature complete version of Los Santos Muertos. While there is still more work to be done, bugs to be fixed, and hopefully even deeper game mechanics to create... this version of Los Santos Muertos represents the first full version of our original vision for the game. Welcome to Los Santos Muertos PLAY LOS SANTOS MUERTOS | JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER | DONATE TO LOS SANTOS MUERTOS DEVELOPMENT Let's talk about the new stuff. Including faction alliances, crafting blueprints, personal stashes, dynamic traders, new factions, overhauled looting, and new equipment. Los Santos Muertos now allows you to join factions, and fight along friendly NPCs. Additionally, joining factions grants players access to exclusive faction perks like personal storage, alternative extraction points, and vehicle garages. However... players must achieve and maintain each faction's required reputation alignment or be expunged (with an additional reputation penalty.) Additionally... faction members cannot kill other faction members, both players and NPCs alike. So while allied with a faction... be careful who you kill, or your own faction may turn against you. New factions, equipment, and features available in Los Santos Muertos Save items in personal storage. For the first time in Los Santos Muertos... players have the ability to store equipment, items, and gear at allied faction bases. When allied with a faction, players can access their personal storage container from within the faction camp. This will allow players to store equipment, money, ammunition, weapons, or other supplies scavenged between raids. Your personal storage is persistent while offline or when killed... allowing you to safely store your hard-earned loot between missions. However... personal storage containers have a capacity limit, so choose wisely which items you store! Personal storage containers in Los Santos Muertos Craft items using scavenged blueprints. Introducing a highly requested feature, our latest update introduces crafting into Los Santos Muertos. Using materials scavenged throughout the world, players can craft items at faction workshops... using rare blueprints. Blueprints can be purchased from traders, stolen from other players, or found while looting containers... and carrying a blueprint in your inventory allows you to craft a blueprint's recipe while using a workshop. New rare crafting materials in Los Santos Muertos Dynamic trading. Los Santos Muertos now includes dynamic faction trading, which means faction traders will always be changing which items they sell... and buy. Rare items will sometimes randomly appear in trading posts... as well as rare vehicles in faction chopshops. Faction items are now much more unpredictable... opening up a world of possibilities. Sometimes trade opportunities will appear between factions, allowing players to purchase items at a lower price... and sell them to factions willing to purchase them at a premium. We expect player trade lanes and convoy motorcades to appear... however remember to be quick, because trade deals can often expire as quickly as they appear. Dynamic trading and crafting in Los Santos Muertos This is only the beginning. While this is our first feature complete version of Los Santos Muertos... this is by no means the end. We intend to continue development of Los Santos Muertos as long as we are able. Already we have additional plans for future features and new game mechanics. We have now developed a platform that we can continue taking further... adding new weapons, vehicles, items, and possibly even deeper mechanics... such as character skill trees, complex quests, and possibly an entirely new island to explore. If you believe in our work, and wish to support us further... consider donating to our development team. If you are a programmer, artist, or developer yourself... consider joining our team. If you are simply a player who loves our mod... make sure to join our Discord community, and spread the word of our work. However, until next time... I hope you enjoy our latest update, and I look forward to seeing you in the wasteland. Long live Los Santos Muertos
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  13. Can I have all that assets to make game ?
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  15. Just came back on this forum anyone out there that remembers me?

  16. wow que increíble se ve este proyecto me gusta mucho, me gustaría que colocaran los requisitos mínimos para que sirva el proyecto , digo no creo que corra con un i3, de resto me parece increíble sigue haciendo un trabajo ha si es magnifico
  17. So I just found this and Absolutly love the the videos I have found. However, when I download following the process of the copy and download way I just get a file that is unusable. It has no specific type (EX = .rar or .zip. or .jpg etc...) Its just random numbers and letters. When I try to extract it I can't. I use a windows 7. Is that why? Thanks for your time
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