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Introducing "Outbreak Island"



ss_67d3f538c2d91bd533c09ad926b8466de6de816b.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.b70641450be803dd075e64cd9f81214e.jpg ss_63f42c43c7646012f8ed51f0da1317fd96057fe0.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.25f16258941445ca1c476ad187dc1c52.jpg ss_62fd0a703f7b73a849662dfcf34ada4e367d6bf9.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.5fdf70a722d34d713a97a07fe0fa072d.jpg

A mysterious virus drove the population of Erlsen Island crazy. The authorities have isolated the region from the outside world and sealed «the incident». As a detective Howard Chapman, you secretly arrive on the island to look into the cause of the accident. There is no way back. All that remains is to survive and investigate.

ss_0b60ec097ade059f206b56cc4588107cf92af6e0.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.d7194561162cb318703840fb13fd4f68.jpg ss_00ec3979d57dbab7c07a7f562b5f7494d7f0eba6.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.cb0d927d12d9be7db67b338705f7636d.jpg ss_a47e1158df26159abc33247147ea23ff59fa85cc.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.cf554e75a6564c5461f8ef370c48a2ab.jpg

Features in "Outbreak Island"

  • Camera is your main ally. Distract the infected using a flash. Keep track of the situation from a distance to observe the behaviour of local inhabitants. Shoot everything suspicious to obtain evidence and investigate the accident.
  • Craft weapons and improve your equipment. Find and extract food and medicine.
  • Move around stealthily or fight face-to-face.
  • Survive under the burning sun or in the pouring rain, on a clear day or at a foggy night.
  • Study evidence to learn the causes of the outbreak and find the culprit.
  • Try not to get infected with a deadly virus and go insane.

ss_36504050ec9e3b0aec3e4053e61a1702b27a898c.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.a27dbe74ebf48aa84e237b35d47bf3cd.jpg ss_267012a66fffe45884cdce91756ea4441005200b.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.e4ead67742dae3898900a377e5d21915.jpg ss_99e83c87d624f20a06c01fd7aad6ee945718a537.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.5af5dd4b200c37587bf3198b981186f5.jpg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutbreakIsland
Discord: http://discord.gg/DPC98xU



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