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    A prototype project currently in development.
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    Try out the prototype gore mod for Operation: Harsh Doorstop!
  5. Bro i just thought it was real then i got disappointed by realising it just takes me to the site to buy modern warfare
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  7. and to all those who asks system requirements. its a little step up from shadow of chernobyl. but as long as you have updated drivers, decent mid end pcs, or even an entry level computer/laptop, u can run it. this standalone mod's settings menu is HUGE and allows all sorts of experimentations at a microscopic level with effects and graphics, textures etc. i'd play it on 1280x720 if i had a low end pc, this shit is rlly good and something to dig.
  8. @1Starertrust me. the ai of enemies and different factions is really mindblowing. it rlly makes up for it. just give it a go dude, u won't regret it. i do believe the modders are capable enough to include coop but according to demographics most won't like it. stalker 2 has coop as they say so lets see how the fans react to stalker 2's coop in 2022.
  9. @BigKado most likely ur antivirus quarantined some certain files, disable ur av, redownload it, and then try it, it works well. and a side note for u. when you run it for the first time loading screen on a new game is relatively atrocious, 1-5 mins. but then in 30-45 seconds the "press any key to continue" appears. have fun homie
  10. @Scn_nateu can try running it with vine. it runs pretty much all types of windows executables.
    can i get some sort of payment vector? btc or monero wallet or paypal? i wanna donate to the creator of this thing.
  11. Check out this amazing interview with the CEO of Lightmatter. Check out Lightmatter's website here. https://lightmatter.co/
    Whats the map's name? I can't find it anywhere.
  12. 272 downloads

    It's literally only five dollars. Go grab it.
  13. 5887 downloads

  14. So I figured out, how to get the game, once you do the patreon support, you will get the keys via itch.io Then you can go to steam and go to games menu in menu bar and then choose "Activate a Product on Steam" After that it will start download in steam, enjoy
  15. Download link is broken, @Bluedrake42 Looking forward to play it
  16. 747 downloads

    Bluedrake! please fix the download! it says it was deleted!!! I realy want to try this out!!!!
  17. 4485 downloads

    It does like weather n stuff.
  18. 4717 downloads

    A free demo available for everyone to download that showcases the features of FluidNinja.
  19. Go check out Asher's channel here! https://www.youtube.com/c/AsherZhu
  20. Download link doesn't work @Bluedrake42
    huh so me and some friends found a 2010 build of it and it works ! i have a video of proof of it working Tactical Intervention 2021-08-26 19-30-52.mp4
    Looking fine, can be great!
    As long as you setup it correctly using the video tutorial in the collection it is quite fun! I recommend using ZINV+ as you can have endless combat with whatever soldiers you want.
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