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    i like everything about it but, i dont understand what game it is for or whatever. i have this but i dont actually have the game.
  3. Your video really inspired me. And because my pc cant handle newer triple A titles I decided to give it a go. Took me nice 7 hours until I found working BF2142 and working 1.51 patch (the one posted in BF2142 Reclamation didn't work for me.) So I decided to help the community and made this site. It has all the files needed and a tutorial how get everything working. I hope this helps someone! Link: https://mozziefiles.wixsite.com/bf2142
    if your wanting to download this mod and you dont know how to properly configure the download THINK AGAIN. You cant just download this and play. Upon downloading you will run into all types of client errors in game. Bluedrake- Please configure this download before you tell others that you can "download and play". Big turn off for users who dont know how to properly configure their game files...
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  5. 1193 downloads

    A new original game from Hashbane.
  6. I think Views and Downloads are swapped FYI. Otherwise, the button says "Download / More Info"—this is the formatting used on every single post on the website, as not everything is available yet to download, so the button is either for where you go to download, or where you go to get more info (should be pretty obvious). In this case, the button will take you to their Kickstarter to get more info, which is currently the only way to secure yourself a key to the game. Eventually the game will be available via Steam Early Access (all of this is covered on the Kickstarter page).
  7. I see the downloads going up but when I click it just goes to the kickstarter information page
  8. 7056 downloads

    SCP: Pandemic is a hardcore 8-player cooperative first-person tactical shooter. You are a rogue fireteam going against the SCP Foundation and their attempt of global omnicide. You start at Area 12, the site where the Psi-Z program is being actualized.
  9. no!!!1!111 this is piracy!!!11!!!!!!1! u r not allowed 2 post this here!!1!!!11! >>>>:::::((((( we r big crybabies so u not allowed, we sue u now!! haha
  10. Shaka


    will it work on mac?
  11. 248 downloads

    An awesome first person shooter marketplace asset, that is completely free to download and play.
  12. 53 downloads

    An awesome physics demo created in PlayCanvas that runs entirely in your browser.
  13. 1697 downloads

    A fun zombie survival game, available on Steam completely for free.
  14. 66 downloads

    A game inspired by Hotline Miami, but in your browser... and free. Enjoy.
  15. 2057 downloads

    An incredible remake inspired by STALKER in development by Ivan Sorce.
  16. 89 downloads

    A free game available for you to play right now!
  17. Also any idea what system req this will have? :)
  18. Any chance this'll get released on mac?
  19. Dyno

    Metro Exodus

    I hope i get to experience this game i just got my acer nitro gaming laptop 2 days ago i hope i win this giveaway so i dont have to spend money on it
    the game looks so exciting
  20. vPolarize

    Metro Exodus

    I'm known for being pretty chad with my luck.
  21. I did a search and I think the link has been updated. https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly/addons/cinemavfx3-0-upd-3
  22. zakgour

    Metro Exodus

    man I wish I win this I'm not kidding i never win anything I swear I never win anything
  23. 5456 downloads

    Create the Starship of your dreams, explore a vast and vivid world and jump into epic space battles. Experience a truly unique and powerful building engine where your imagination is the limit. Welcome to the next evolution in Space Sandbox gaming!
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