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  2. Same i want this game bcs i dont have money and its expensive for me in my state so i will be happy to get it
  3. Today
    best free milsim try it as it is good
  4. Tynecider

    Metro Exodus

    Looks unreal with RTX!!!

    Metro Exodus

    First two were fucking fantastic. Hope I get to experience number 3!
  6. if you never played the game/it's not in your account's records you CANNOT download it through steamdb steamdb only works if you're account has ever been registered with the game attached.
  7. Escape From Tarkov, I just like it. very tactical shooter game.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I'd like to play this game with friends!
  10. ive been wanting eft for like the past 2 years and i really would enjoy getting this.
  11. I've always wanted to play this game, but it is too pricey!
  12. ive been wanting this for a really long time but i never have the money for it, it all goes to food
  13. Anyone else having problems playing? Ive been playing for a couple weeks now and now it wont let me play online. Was wondering if maybe the server is down but I keep getting a Message that says "An error occurred while downloading Version info"
  14. always wanted to play tarkov,but my pc wasnt strong enough, now it is, but the game is a bit expensive.
  15. Replayed Last Light recently and remembered how amazing these games are, excited to play exodus.
  16. Iwantthis

    Metro Exodus

    This game looks amazing and I never played before and it looks good to like the gameplay and the story
  17. Please I never got the chance to buy this game and I been a fan for a while now and I would never know half of the games that you showed so please I been wanting this game for a while so it would make me happy
  18. I'd love to get this for a friend so our two man can become three!
  19. Fragger

    Metro Exodus

    The games cant match the books but they get preety close to it! Played the first two and they were amazing, seems like exodus is a massive improvement to the series. Good luck on the raffle ladies n gentleman!
  20. Been a FPS head my whole life, never got the chance to try this hardcore experience, good luck everybody! Keep fraggin!
  21. ooh boy... nothin beats tarkov my guy
  22. never got the chance to play this game though i played a lot of stalker anomaly from your website
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