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Beta Release



Welcome everyone, to the first beta release of Iron Armada. After four years of development, Iron Armada is now finally moving towards a full release. Developing Iron Armada has been a massive journey, that has given us valuable experience, and a lasting appreciation for our supportive community. If you would like to play the latest version of Iron Armada, consider downloading the game on Steam. The beta includes many new features, as well as a few work-in-progress features we are still improving before the final release.



IAscreenshot.thumb.png.e27015b5f8be1cc61d5688d9792993cf.png ss_dd5a4f3404fa9221984a3f8eee1ef2aa3045c4e6.1920x1080.thumb.jpg.6922e9aaf4240c74fa9ebd92596d934c.jpg

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Introducing automaton units, single-player modes, and cooperative modes. For the first time ever, Iron Armada now has full single-player support. This is possible due to an overhaul to our server-side wrapper and the inclusion of new automaton units. Automatons are drones that work similar to normal ships, but include a special artificial intelligence core which can take control of any ship it is attached to.

Untitle3d-2.png.ae15770e0863833bf4150eb4e683c506.png Unt5itled-2.png.532d012e45fdec4cbed79bde1f0cdbb6.png

Introducing pressurization and airlock mechanics. You voted on this mechanic... alright maybe two years ago, but it is now finally done. After a considerable amount of work, we've finally created a highly performant (yet still very simple) system for ship pressurization. Ships now require airlocks to seal decks, and unsealed decks will be exposed to the vacuum of space. However, fear not! Your player is equipped with a suit that features emergency oxygen reserves... so you can still survive for limited amounts of time in unpressured environments. Just make sure you don't stay exposed to the elements for too long.

untitled.png.8353ee70e8580d310f815f9a2dc97550.png Untitled-2.png.fbe7027fdc2ade9a1dd3d2cba15d4052.png

Introducing advanced logistics, docking mechanics, and expanded resources. After a considerable amount of testing, we've finally settled on a new system for managing resources and building ship tiles. Resources can be mined from planets, salvaged from debris fields, and stored in containers. These containers connect to any manufacturing facilities and allow for the construction of new tiles (or new ships, if you are using a shipyard.) Resources can now also be transferred between ships using the new docking mechanics, which can allow for new advanced gameplay mechanics (like tanker vessels.) Additionally new systems (such as salvage lasers) have been added, so that specialized ships can mine resources without requiring players to leave the safety of their ship.

hfdhfdaafd.png.32ef9efbc0ab35349b9c632d8c7ae436.png jgsgjfsjgfs.png.1ec933ac0b3746a2b9d99a4943bd6bb4.png

Introducing voice communications and squad mechanics. A new entirely optional feature is the inclusion of wings and voice communications. Players can now create wings that other players can join, and use voice communication between either other wing members... or with other faction members. We feel that this will help advanced players communicate with other teammates better, and hopefully also organize better strategies (if they choose to.)

fahdhfdhfd.png.e2ecd039021a5254f00ea79fbad749d5.png znghfdshfdsdsf.png.a0027882972a98043ead3561074bb1f9.png

Introducing torpedoes and expanded weapon functionality. A major inclusion in the newest build of Iron Armada has been torpedoes and new weapon mechanics. Torpedoes are weapons with an explosive area of effect, but are much slower than conventional weapons... and can be easily shot down. Additionally new mechanics like weapon deviation, flak fire, armor penetration, and explosive damage will make combat much less predictable than before.

hfdadafdfjda.png.ed03f38d87d4f1a8c7038b6021250362.png fdhfdhs.png.03484003ee4b1af717ffe05144dd16d2.png

Introducing the shipyard and ship blueprint management systems. No longer are you required to build ships from scratch. If you have saved blueprints on your computer, you can now request them from shipyards (provided you have the resources.) Shipyards also allow players to manage their existing blueprints, or generate new ones by scanning any ships that are docked to the shipyard installation.

fdsfdhhgfds.png.3a4eaa58da701cf099777ae9f17a0c2c.png hfdafahdhfadahfd.png.6ef49d36cbb157327bb54e25f89741fa.png

Introducing a simple in-game tutorial. Lastly, to help with new players... we have created a simple in-game tutorial to help explain the basic mechanics of Iron Armada. This is something we hope will help players learn Iron Armada more quickly, and make multiplayer matches more focused on gameplay... than on training up newbies.

hfdafdhfdaahfdfa.png.ae66eddf567af4ad084566f2c2513fbd.png hfdaahfdhfdaahfd.png.24ce204b2f836e5789f921c0c0690e3e.png

In closing. Thank you so much for your support over the years. Creating Iron Armada has been an incredibly worth while experience, and we've enjoyed every moment we've put into building this game. This beta release is still a little rough, and naturally we're hoping with your feedback we'll be able to get our game over the finish line. However this version of Iron Armada is the most feature complete version of the game we've released to-date. With your help, we'll be able to finally release the version of Iron Armada we all originally envisioned!

Thank you so much, and hopefully I will see you on the battlefield soon.


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