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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

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Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a free, community developed, tactical shooter. Developed by the studio Drakeling Labs in partnership with MicroProse Software, Inc. Built using the OHDCore framework for Unreal Engine 4.

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I think the game should only improve a little bit as far as the map looks like, but all in all, every honor in the time you've been given to make this game, I hope you do more of these things. Have a nice day and good luck working on the games!

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This game looks amazing. I would love to see support to host a dedicated server in the future, for us nerds that have home servers, that would be amazing. Something like what Killing Floor 2 offers with an Admin Web console to manage and adjust map settings. I.E adding/removing bots, map voting, message of the day, max players etc.

Just a suggestion. But looks amazing, thank you for this amazing project.

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So I figured out, how to get the game,

once you do the patreon support, you will get the keys via itch.io


Then you can go to steam and go to games menu in menu bar and then choose "Activate a Product on Steam"

After that it will start download in steam, enjoy

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Hello i have paid for the second tier of the game just because i really wanted to play but i cant seem to get a key or anything. i previously didnt have an itch. io account and i thought i did. Where would i even find the key if i got one through itch. io? all of this is confusing to me please someone explain in detail what to do to get the game... Pls 

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I have not tried the game yet, I have learned a lot about it but it would be very nice if the possibility of creating fighting holes, barricades on windows and doors and holes in walls or buildings were implemented in order to place real defensive positions and not just that pile of sandbags in Squad

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Be warned, while the SDK is free as in price, it is not free as in freedom.

*Update: This critical review appears to have unfortunately been censored. Here is evidence: https://web.archive.org/web/20220424172214/https://www.operationharshdoorstop.com/file/3-ohdcore-mod-kit/

According to the EULA Drakeling Labs has complete control and ownership over not only of this SDK but anything you create with it, and they can revoke your access at any time for any reason. While this project is interesting compared to mainstream games, it does not sufficiently address the problems that Bluedrake42 outlines in his criticisms of the mainstream titles and does not guarantee your freedom to use and modify this software or even what you create with it.

Read it for yourself, skip to page 11 in this document for the part relevant to the SDK. https://drakelings.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/sdk-eula-tos/

 I hope it is improved soon..

*Update 2, this review was censored twice, here is evidence: https://web.archive.org/web/20220510013318/https://www.operationharshdoorstop.com/file/3-ohdcore-mod-kit/

I have also made a post here further explaining the situation:


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