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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

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Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a free, community developed, tactical shooter. Developed by the studio Drakeling Labs in partnership with MicroProse Software, Inc. Built using the OHDCore framework for Unreal Engine 4.

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Stitches Malone


I love this game and it has a lot potential. Yes it needs a lot of work but I love the idea of a base game that is free and allows the community to create and help develop it. This game is everything the developer said it was. If you are looking for a complete fully polished game this isn't for you, but if you are looking for a free game that you can get involved with and help some amazing creators develop then jump aboard.

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WebCrew at GitHub


Of course, I always like to give 5 stars for such projects because the idea and the approach to do it with the community is very valuable.

However, I would have wished that you would have used the GoDot Engine for this, because the GoDot engine in particular, which is completely MIT, would need more people to push its 3D engine further. GoDot is already great, but to catch up with the market leaders Unity or Unreal, it needs the support of the community and from projects like this one.

Best regards and continue to have fun.


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Is it gonna be another scam project just like Warfare 1944 ?!

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The system requirements board on steam said I need at least 15gb free disk space only, but when I hit download button, the pop up window says the disk space required is 40gb, it takes around 40gb on my disk, wtf is that?

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Be warned, while the SDK is free as in price, it is not free as in freedom.

*Update: This critical review appears to have unfortunately been censored. Here is evidence: https://web.archive.org/web/20220424172214/https://www.operationharshdoorstop.com/file/3-ohdcore-mod-kit/

According to the EULA Drakeling Labs has complete control and ownership over not only of this SDK but anything you create with it, and they can revoke your access at any time for any reason. While this project is interesting compared to mainstream games, it does not sufficiently address the problems that Bluedrake42 outlines in his criticisms of the mainstream titles and does not guarantee your freedom to use and modify this software or even what you create with it.

Read it for yourself, skip to page 11 in this document for the part relevant to the SDK. https://drakelings.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/sdk-eula-tos/

 I hope it is improved soon.

*Update 2, this review was censored twice, here is evidence: https://web.archive.org/web/20220510013318/https://www.operationharshdoorstop.com/file/3-ohdcore-mod-kit/

I have also made a post here further explaining the situation:



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I download OHD from steam but the game resolution are too low and i even cant click correctly on icons on menu and screen so i cant change resolution from option menu. i uninstall and reinstall but noting changed.

I really want play this game. 


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· Edited by yvnghoebag

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I have been waiting on an early access email for Operation Harsh Doorstop for a month. Is there any way I can be emailed an access code? I've been wanting to play this game for forever on stream.

much love, yvnghoebag

email: harleygteal762@gmail.com

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Hi, my name is Daramo, I really like this game of yours, I used to watch this video game during 2017, but unfortunately I do not have enough money to buy it, even low-cost games have no money to buy Also, I call this game
War on Operation Harsh Doorstopt will be successful when it is officially released

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Hi there!
I saw a video on youtube about the game and I really liked it a lot. I also observed that you need a sound engineer and I am one. So if you want we can get in touch and start creating something great. I have some demos to share about my work.
Thanks for reading me.

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This game looks amazing. I would love to see support to host a dedicated server in the future, for us nerds that have home servers, that would be amazing. Something like what Killing Floor 2 offers with an Admin Web console to manage and adjust map settings. I.E adding/removing bots, map voting, message of the day, max players etc.

Just a suggestion. But looks amazing, thank you for this amazing project.

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Wow i playied the game and The characters look good but more costumization and sights and more weapons 

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Man, congratulations for the excellent job you have been doing. Have watched some videos of your games and it is amazing how can you give old stuff a new brand life. Carry on. Will be talking about this site with my friends. Thank you


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salut l amis ton jeux m intéresse j aimerai posédé une clés pour joué à ton jeux si cela ne te génne pas envoi mois ta réponse sur mon mail qui est anthony.r1801@gmail.com

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Hi My name is Douglas, I really liked your game and I would like a friend of mine who is live on twitch ( https://www.twitch.tv/fabildsgames), had the opportunity to test your game with some friends, she doesn't have a very big channel, but she is a very nice person and is winning over few her audience, if you can @ Bluedrake42 provide 3 keys for early access to your game she would love to have the opportunity to play, I'm not asking me for the keys, if you are interested send me an email rfdouglas@outlook.com

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