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Bodycam Prototype Level

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About This Project

This is the level used in the bodycam first person shooter project! Download and enjoy! Requires a computer that can run Unreal Engine 5 with RTX!

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Mr Man

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Cool project, but how tf do I play this? I extracted it and i click on the UE5 program, I can just walk around as a giant player and with guns, enemies, bodycam effects. Hell, i can't even fit through doors. How do I fix this???

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This game vs my computer


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wheres the download button bruv

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They click on download/more information, select the place where they prefer to download it and install it. You need a .zip file decompressor, I recommend WinRAR. The game weighs 1.1 GB when you download it, go into the file, unzip it, click on the installer file.

For more realism, I recommend that you lower the quality from 1080p to 480p, it will look blurrier but certainly more realistic. The game requires a good pc, I have an i7 1800h and an rtx 3050ti and it runs at 30 fps

Pinchan en descargar/más información, seleccionan en el lugar donde prefieren descargarlo y lo instalan. Se necesita un descompresor de archivos .zip, yo recomiendo WinRAR. El juego pesa 1,1 gb cuando lo descarguen métanse en el archivo, lo descomprimen pulsan en el archivo del instalador.

Para mayor realismo, les recomiendo que bajen la calidad de 1080p a 480p, se verá mas borroso pero sin duda más realista. El juego requiere de una buena pc, yo tengo un i7 1800h y una rtx 3050ti y me corre a 30 fps

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Привет двач. Оптимизации ноль, тупо один коридор с не самыми лучшими текстурами, никаких геймплейных элементов.

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Тестовая версия только с одним зданием. Полетать с дебаг камерой можно на клавишу ";"
Пока что очевидно, что даже с маленькой сценой оптимизации никакой нет.
GTX 1660 S выдает ~25 fps
Можно ковырять настройки в файле Engine\Saved\Config\Windows\Manifest.ini

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It works! On RTX 3060 20 fps (default settings in config). But I don't go through the doors. WHY???

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i9 13900kf , rtx 4090 runs at 150 fps and hovering around 50 degrees for gpu and  65 for cpu

overall amazing

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rx7900xt 90 fps avg, looks well, nice lighting. Waiting to see version with gun play.


have no idea why are people complaining, it's DEMO version! what do you expect? AAA open world game with ultra realistic graphics  that will run 240 fps on your gtx 1060? 

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Обычное демо локации, ничего такого, пара отсылок. RTX 3070 и R72700X 47фпс.


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Small indoor level. It's not the same like video of Unrecord. FPS 40-90 on RTX 3080 + Ryzen 9 5900X. The lowest FPS is near the window when there are a lot of light beams. GPU load is 100% , CPU load is 2% only.

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норм графон, заценил на своей 4070ти. в FHD идет в 67-100 фпс на дефолт настройках. жаль демка всего лишь один маленький коридорчик без возможности зайти в другие помещения и выйти на улицу, хотя двери есть открытые. 

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Literally can't do anything but walk around. Can't fit through doors, No audio, nothing as shown in the trailer.

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Just wondering if anyone could give some commands for the gun, sounds, player model and npc's if there is any.


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Press "~" then enter toggledebugcamera, this will not make it a playable game but at least you can explore the map

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there are bugs like gun shooting it flashing too much i have 16gb ram and rtx 2080 vega and i can barely run 30-15 can you help me

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So, I saw that this was just a Map, am I correct? If so, is there anything else I would need to do myself to be able to play the game?

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