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    Hi, my name is Meandia and i am an amateur game developer from Greece. I came here after stumbling upon one of DRK's videos, i found the things he talked about really interesting. Now , i want to talk about my latest project, Casus Belli (a game name i thought about a year before battlefield devs did). Casus Belli is my own twist of an army survival milsim. What i am looking to do is develop my game either in Unreal or Unity (i started in unreal but deleted my project halfway through because i started it as a battle royale and could not adapt it to the style i believe fits it best), using spatialOS this could be one of the first BIG scale multiplayer games. What my idea is, is making a simple first/third person mild RPG. I'd love for people to tell me their opinions and suggest anything that could help, i am currently stuck on some multiplayer aspects. For some more information about my project you can visit the bellum.studio website or simply PM me. I'm happy to be a member of this community, looking forward to contributing more!