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    Just signed up have to try this ww2 1944 game out.
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    Just saw your video if you need any concept designs I'm willing to help. Also, I'll try to get better at unreal engine mapping for this game. <3
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    I just watched your vid, and I'm so excited to make some maps! This game is going to be lit
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    holy shit this site fucking sucks. How is gmail and protonmail somehow not good enough for it? Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my time trying different email addresses until I had to dig out an old one that finally worked. Cool project tho.
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    Why not just make a Torrent ... then we can share it . . . .
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    Hey, how can I sign up to help with the level design ?
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    Hi! How can I help with the programming? Amazing project! I'm excited!
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    I love the polygon graphics on this one, looks great.
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    Some other indie dev is making a game out of this https://store.steampowered.com/app/847920/Polyfield_WW2/ idk if bluedrake is making a game out of it too but if they both are and he doesnt know about this he should cuz he probably is the first one who came up with it
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