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    UI Design

    That would be great man =) feel free to post anything you make here! Would love to see it!
  2. Bluedrake42

    drakeling labs, not open source?

    We have no intention of distributing under the MIT license. The idea was to make the project open source, so people could modify and play with it... not so they can use it for their own commercial purposes. Also Github only has a 1GB repository limit, which makes it impossible to host a project of any real fortitude. Currently we simply just have a private repository, that we make open to anyone who is interested in development and who signs our non-disclosure agreement (which allows us to bypass Unreal Engine 4's distribution limitations, since technically only members of our "team" are granted access to Epic materials.)
  3. Bluedrake42

    Rbanh application for Community Developer

    Hey man, thanks for your application but you'll need to sign the NDA. If you check the first question of the application, there should be a link to sign there.
  4. Bluedrake42

    Deadmanfoot application for Community Developer

    You have not signed the NDA.
  5. Bluedrake42

    Imacds - Cubba application for Community Developer

    Cubba you cheeky cunt lmao stfu
  6. Bluedrake42

    QCowBoy15 application for Beta Tester

    If you signed the NDA correctly you should get an email =) let me know if you receive the link!
  7. Bluedrake42

    Goose application for Beta Tester

    Accepted! Check your email!
  8. Bluedrake42

    anglomanii application for Beta Tester

    Hey man =) I remember talking to you in Discord. Can you tell me what email you submitted your NDA under?
  9. Bluedrake42

    TillerLeBoot application for Beta Tester

  10. Bluedrake42

    Ethan Cartwright application for Beta Tester

    I'm not seeing your name in the non-disclosure forms? Are you sure you signed properly?
  11. Bluedrake42

    WorstCross application for Beta Tester

    Hi, I'm not seeing your name in the non-disclosure signatures? Also you need to use your real name, not your forum name when signing.
  12. Bluedrake42

    cologne_houdini application for Beta Tester

    Hello, unfortunately this will have to be denied. You need to use your real name when signing the NDA document.
  13. Bluedrake42


    haha lmao how long did it take you to find each other?
  14. Bluedrake42

    Island Thingy

    That's an issue with video settings, currently there is additionally no way to set quality or otherwise. We'll get that setup with the next patch when we implement the options menu and video settings. I think that's actually a bug with our Steamworks integration, because if you restart the game it works normally. We'll push a hotfix and test that in the next patch. If you could get anymore specific information on why that happens, that would help us narrow it down immensely. That's weird... can you check that a little more? Like where it specifically does this? Might just be as something as simple as moving the sound effect generators. Currently the collision models for the "cliff rock" models/meshes are poor. It looks like the mesh developer simply didn't put effort into updating the collisions. Can you test this further and let me know if you ever clip below environment WITHOUT a "cliff rock" model underneath you? Otherwise it doesn't appear that you're clipping through the terrain itself, only the grass and tree environment... so it might just be a matter of us double checking that all the grass/trees are properly aligning with the terrain. I'll double check this for the next patch.
  15. Bluedrake42

    Aardwyn application for Beta Tester

  16. Bluedrake42

    VECTOR55 application for Beta Tester

    Sorry Vector you have to be over 18 =/ Denied unfortunately <3 but we'll still get you in on the public stuff
  17. Bluedrake42

    Twenty5 application for Beta Tester

  18. Bluedrake42

    Nate application for Beta Tester

    Hey Nate, if you haven't already please sign the non-disclosure agreement.
  19. Bluedrake42

    Island Paradise

    Version 1.0.0


    A simple island paradise level, created by Anil Isbilir. An example of the large environments Unreal Engine 4 is able to support by default.


  20. Bluedrake42

    Island Paradise

    AKA "I haven't found shit but I don't want other people to look" I understand
  21. Bluedrake42

    Island Paradise

    ... you realize this is a game right, its not in the picture.
  22. Bluedrake42

    Grapple Hook

    Version 1.0.0


    A fun grapple hook creation by Kelint, reminiscent of Spiderman and World's Adrift! This project is not replicated, and is singleplayer only. However, the project is still fun and the source code is available through the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace. Drakeling Labs purchased a license and packaged a build for our users to enjoy!


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  25. Important meeting: Hello everyone! Today we are having our tri-weekly development meeting, that is open to the public! We have these on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week at 4PM EST! Everyone is allowed to join, however only active developers are allowed to speak. However everyone else is still free to type in chat, and we will be taking questions (and feedback/suggestions) from the community! You can join here: Cheers! View the full article