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  1. Bluedrake42

    cigarrello application for Whitelist Application

    kk I'll check as soon as I can
  2. Bluedrake42

    cigarrello application for Whitelist Application

    Could you go ahead and message our page? Just to confirm you're the account owner
  3. Bluedrake42

    ziele application for Whitelist Application Go ahead and leave a comment here really quick, so that way we can confirm your account.
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  5. Bluedrake42

    Warfare 1944 Art Test

    Version 1.0.0


    A small showcase of the new work in progress Warfare 1944 art style being developed by Drakeling Labs.


  6. Bluedrake42

    GloomyToad application for Community Developer

    Accepted. @=DRK= D_Glazed I processed this one manually
  7. Bluedrake42

    Flat Earth Society

    Applications ►
  8. Bluedrake42

    youtube appeal

    We don't keep records of Youtube bans going back that far, but I went ahead and unbanned you.
  9. Bluedrake42

    Youtube's Future

  10. Bluedrake42

    Youtube's Future

    Didn't have enough time to completely flesh out all my thoughts and observations about Youtube in this one video, but I just wanted to at least make one video talking about how I feel about it. There has been a lot of misleading announcements from Youtube itself, and misinformation blurring the real situation... and I just wanted to voice the reality of what I see, versus what Youtube is trying to have people believe. I have more to say about this, but I guess that will have to wait for a future video.
  11. Bluedrake42

    Discord mod abuse

    Apparently was a mistake, someone thought you were a bot or something. Not entirely sure, but it was undone. Shouldn't be banned anymore. Cheers fam.
  12. Bluedrake42

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Alright, you'll be unbanned from the public Discord and website. However nothing more.
  13. Bluedrake42

    Discord Link?

    Doesn't work for me either... maybe I banned myself too 0.o