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  1. Ok so where do you guys think we should go what games we should open and mod and work on together I'm really hoping to get stuck into something and help this community on what to do next.
  2. I personally played this game SOO much I still play it and would love to see the treboot of the game by the modding community if codemaster allow it has anyone else played it and would like to see the games comeback through mods and what's your opinion on limited mod support for games ?
  3. Realistic games no there are far and few that are console only however games like battlefield 4 have HUGE communities of military simulations that try to make the game realistic i.e. On Bf4 your two teams will use the vehicles correctly with the correct terminology and the troops will be kitted out as much as possible to imitate real life soldiers. my point is that there are people out there that thanks to bluedrakes42 youtube channel want to join our community only to be left out this could be solved simply by buying a server on bf4 for these Milsim players to use or using their servers to host events ect
  4. Ok so I am both a PC and Console gamer in the console world I am part of serveral military simulation groups that would love a community like this however the fact that this community is just a PC based community I beilive is limiting to us and unfair to those on console who would love to be apart of this great community I beilive we should Open this community into the console realism community's and let enjoy what we have here I would love to hear your opinions on this. Please comment and debate.
  5. I like it because it helps clean up and organise our community
  6. Yeah I didn't get an email