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Found 1 result

  1. What we know so far Narva expansion (New map) Al Basrah expansion Squad locking confirmed Stance indicator added to UI (quality of life UI change) Vehicle claims only need 1 person instead of 2 3 minute start round timer (Previously 2 minutes) FOB don't generate ammo or construction points. No ticker rate and require logi for supplies. No more cooking FOB! Kit changes or resupplying from Ammo crate fob requires ammo points now. (No more nade spams) Deployables are destroyable by heavy rounds. (Sandbags, mg's, mortars can be destroyed instead of digging them up. Counters Super FOBS) Rifleman can deploy 1 sandbag. Makeshift cover and defenses. HEAT rounds no longer damage with near misses to enemy vehicles. Require direct hits to deal damage. Feel free to add anything that I might be missing. This is just what we know so far thanks to Karmakut who was able to release some of the details. Which he also had a change to launch an operation on the new map which can be found here.