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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, This is Guruputra from squad game. I was kicked from the server for "unwilling to follow server rules" According to me, I have only spoke out about it and I have not broken the rules or I never said i am unwilling to follow the rules. I have only stated that rules are not written on the server, and I am not obligated to go out of squad game and search for each server rules. I requested the rules printed at join or start of round. I was saying this while I was running a logi truck to residence objective on map where there was a need of supplies. An admin accused me of using the logi as a means of transport, but I was wrongly accused. I was not aware of the rules until admin told me about it and I spoke against it by saying they are not stated anywhere other than your personal website or discord which is not part of the game. It may be a communication tools, but it is not part of squad game. So, i suggested they write the rules in the game at start of join of each round. They replied by saying you are being kicked just as I was suggesting. I have not broken the rules or was not unwilling to follow the rules. I was simply stating the rules are written in the game. I believe this is not going aganist the rules, and admins should not ban for just talking... if rules are broken then it's a different story. Please unban me for talking. IGN: _Guruputra Thank you for reading my appeal request. I would like to say that punishment is after the crime or caught during the crime or planning. it cannot be a crime for talking about a crime.
  2. In-Game Name: MamaDoge CD Hash (Identifier): 268ca04c72ebce35dcc5e7715a3a477e Date of Appeal: 5/23/2017 Date of Infraction: about two weeks ago. Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): N/A Additional Information: I killed team mates. I acted in a very unmature and childish way, I have since thought about my actions and have concluded that I am very very sorry, I shouldn't have done what I did, I ask you to give me a second chance to rejoin the great community of "free candy van" and prove you that I have changed my ways and I can assure you that I am trustworthy man. Thank you for giving you pressies time to read this appeal, thank you, MamaDoge.
  3. I was playing on the "free candy van" server for squad and one of your admins was having a powertrip because his team got pushed back to their main. After the game ends and the next one starts he bans me after my squad leader kicked me for being a automatic riflemen so i told him to "go fuck yourself FFO" (sl that is not the admin but a member of FFO). There were no rules that i seen pop up that says you can't curse and I want to be unbanned for this petty bullshit
  4. n-Game Name: Elliah CD Hash (Identifier): 9c692432fc9e3fc129619d68784d7ae2 Date of Appeal: 05/04/17 Date of Infraction: Don't remember Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Additional Information: Hello I would like to appeal for my unban on one of your servers in PR. I was banned probably because of crash of my chopper on La Drang. The problem is that admin did't even allowed me to explain myself when it happen i just got banned without any warning. I haven't done that on purpose I was born to be a pilot in CAS a lot of people i play with can confirm that. I crashed a heli just because i had a lag caused by many members of my family using internet at this one specific moment what pumped up my ping and caused a problems with flying a chopper.
  5. Currently, we have no ban appeals process. All bans are practically permanent for the time being. This is an early experimental test version of the game, meaning many anti-griefing systems are not in place yet. There are a some mechanics in the game which, in their present state, allow one misbehaving player to ruin the fun of everyone on the server, which could amount to dozens of players. We don't have the moderators on hand to warn, evaluate, and offer fair punishment for players, nor the systems in place to automatically dish them out. To receive a ban, you had most likely done something bad enough for several players to complain to us, wasting our development time as we manually banned you. For this, you will have to wait some time before we will let you back on again. We realize many of these bans are unfair so you will all get unbanned eventually. We do not yet know when. This policy is also subject to change as we update the game. * BAN list was cleared on the 11/01/17 Anyone banned before and up to this date can now play again. If you are banned after this date read the above message.