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Found 2 results

  1. If anyone owns Star Wars Battlefront 2 v.1.1. (will already be on 1.1 if you have the steam version) and wants to play multiplayer, just download gameranger and add Rykurrad (or just play with other people), would be great if we got a nice little community running there, maybe even get dedicated servers for 64 player action. If your still on 1.0 (due to cd version), I can add the files needed to update the game by yourself on this forum if aynyone needs them. Would be cool to get this running.
  2. Salutations Bluedrake army! I have come with a mod FDSSXX7 and I have been developing for roughly a year! This mod adds new AI, weapons, maps, and working multiplayer! The current version is 1.3.1h and the full changelist is attached to this thread post. Mirror 1 (Google Drive) Mirror 2 ( If you choose to use you may to get the extension for your browser to download. Also make sure you always choose 'Download through browser' to get the file. TO INSTALL: To install just run the .exe file as administrator then type in where you have Swat 4 installed. (Example: C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\SWAT 4 Remake) After installation just run Packages.MD5.bat, as admin, it's located in the 'system' folder of the mod. Once you have ran that file you are ready to play! HOW TO PLAY: Just launch Swat4X.exe located inside the mod's 'System' folder. FAQ: Why do I have to run this Packages file? -- The packages.MD5.bat file verfies all files inside the mod folder and allows you to play multiplayer with other players without issue. It finished extracting but I don't see the mod folder? -- First double check where you installed the mod. If the folder isn't there then ask yourself if you ran the .exe file as admin. If you did and you still don't see the folder then check your antivirus. I get an error when launching the mod what now? -- Make sure this is what the directory looks similar to this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\SWAT 4\Swat 4 Remake Mod. If it does then make sure you have the expansion to Swat 4 installed and that you are running Swat4X.exe, else just post your issue through private messaging me or replying your issue to this thread. If you have any issues, comments, or questions just reply here! How can I host multiplayer? -- You can host a multiplayer match by running Swat4XDedicatedServer.exe located in the mod's system folder or hosting a match in game. Just make sure you have all the ports forwarded for Swat 4 and you give your friends your public IP so they can join. SWAT 4 REMAKE Readme for post.txt