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Found 1 result

  1. Hello BlueDrake42! I'm one of your subscribers. I Have A Questions here: I know Warfare 1944, It's your project right. I'm just wanna to ask, When EXACTLY your projects or games (Warfare 1944) Gonna Be Released for the public? I'm asking this because i already fall in love with this game! (Simply By Watching That Video) I Watch The Gameplay, and that is very awesome (The Bullet Eject Animation, Tracers,Reload Animation,The Particle Effects,The Thompson Gun,The M1 Garand Rifle,ETC) So Please, tell me when the game will be Released Publicly (Keep In Mind That I Already Signed Up For The Gleam Competition! : So Please Answer This Thread! Tell Me If This Game Has Been Released Yet Or Not, If Not When Is The Game Release Date,OR if this game already been released, Please tell me the Download link! That's It!!!!! Thank You Very Much!!!! Se You Soon Your Subscriber Nendra214 Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!