DeadofPool ban appeal

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In-Game Name: [159]DeadofPool

STEAM 64 (Identifier):

Date of Appeal: 7/24/2017

Date of Infraction: 7/24/2017

Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): D_Glazed

Additional Information
I was shooting to suppress enemies lighting up one of the .50 cals to hopefully get them to focus somewhere else so someone could man the 50 and light them up, Baysix (Some douchebag who kicked me from his squad because he's one of those 12 year olds who's just a cunt, having shit talked me earlier for literally no reason) came over and ran infront of the sandbags I was firing from- full auto, mind you, which caught him because he ran like a douchebag infront of me. His medic comes and revives him as I'm taking more shots which causes him to stand up infront of me again right at the wrong time, or the right time since he so obviously ran infront of me on purpose in the first place.

I played a lot of PR and I have never purposefully tked on the server back then, or the one currently up. This kid ran infront of someone who was trying to suppress and then whined about it over SL chat, presumably. I did joke about giving someone 5 dollars paypal if they shot him earlier but that was at the start of the round before my power went out briefly due to a thunderstorm, I spawned at a FOB, started to suppress the enemy, did so, and got fucked over and banned because some kid had an actual vendetta.

Had I wanted to purposely TK him I would have been following him around the entire match in the Striker I was manning when I was in Glazed's squad.

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Hello, thank you for submitting an appeal.

I've seen your name around and know you've been a member for a while, I'll remove the ban seeing as it's only a week ban and I believe it was a case of wrong place wrong time. You should be able to join after the next restart.

Please be sure to join our Discord, Here you can keep updated with all server news and meet new players.

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