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Warfare 1944 team/class menu

Warfare 1944 team/class menu

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some different ideas for class selection menus.






alternative idea with a more space economic idea. (side arm should be ticked for AR)



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some more ideas with team selection included. keeping it all in one menu


another version where you can select your side and class in one go. no need for the deploy button. might be easier to script. Also added a hypothetical scroll bar in case theres demand for more classes.


obviously these are all just rough ideas. but feedback is more than welcome. let me know if there anything that would/wouldn't work or anything I've missed. 

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I want In how can I help?

Can I also suggest we have a few more classes?

Engineer :flamethrower

Sniper: scoped rifle

Machine Gunner:  well duh

also, is it possible to have vehicles like tanks?

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yeah i think the plan is to start with just a few basic ones for now but im sure more will come as the guys doing the dev stuff get more done. things are very much still in the ideas stage.

regards helping out, is there anything in particular you'd be interested in doing? are you any good with vector art? coz that shit can be kinda time consuming and also i have absolutely no scripting ability so it would be good to have someone help implement this stuff when its more ready and when the projects has a more organised workflow. coz that would save time for the people doing more fundamental dev work.

or if you have any sketches/ideas of your own feel free to post em. the more ideas we have to pick from the more chance well hit on something great



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