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Hey Crew, I was hoping I could have an unban on discord (Ethik#0117)

I'm not aware of any sort of template for this, so I'm hoping this formats fine. I'm a long time viewer of BD's content and one of the first to approach his call to developers and like-minded people to tackle a community project. Through that opportunity, I met many amazing people and discovered a new passion being 3D Art, during that time I was a "manager" of sorts for DRK and worked for the Harsh Doorstop team.

I was banned from the discord somewhere between 8 to 12 months ago over a private matter regarding DRK staff, and I can say now that my head and heart really wasn't in the right spot and there were some accusations and exchanges that I wish I never made/said. I just watched the newest video and just was hoping I could be a part of the community once again, and if not at least use the chance as an apology for the dumbass behavior on my part. 


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