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today I got banned without a reason and missing understand 2/6/2017 Free Candy Van Server

at first I was traveling with the tank squad back to main when we arrive at main they all existing the truck so I was the only guy that on the truck, in hurry I didnt notice that friendly tank squad member was near the truck so I crash them instantly but they think I was intentionally TK their member So they after me even tho I was typing sorry already so I getting in the truck again to escape them to the repair station but they still keep shooting at me after I was so angry that I throw some handgrenade at their tank while hiding behind the truck in repair station but they angry so much that they try are ramming me with their tank and the their tank is exploding along with the truck but the killing report on screen showing the team that I was killing that tank so they ban me instantly while I trying to explain to them, please help I have a proof for this in my repay which I will upload as soon as possible 

Project Reality  : Dovre

ingamename : RiceWorrier

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