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Stereotypes/Funny Stories of Squad

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Hey, everybody, this is a place that you can share your funny stories and the stereotypical player's squad has. This will be used to create content highlighting the FCV server and squad as a whole and also as a place to laugh at other people's funny experiences or types of people they have met!

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Funny stories you say?

How about when I flipped an APC into a river..


That made quite alot of people laugh!!

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Drove a transport vehicle fully loaded with my squad over an enemy mine is my favorite.

My squad's usually have really fun conversations like "who would you rather".

Had my squad mates singing smash mouth at point while driving in a BTR.

Head on collision with a logi with another logi and had a conversation in all chat.(Brotherrrr was there)

Think my favorite though is 2 Man SPG squad. The amount of shit that I get from the other team is great when it gets used effectively. 

This mourning, there was a guy in squad chat saying he can't lead his squad unless he has his Boneless pizza. FYI, we lost cause we never got any boneless pizza.

Or the infamous last words "DON'T DRIVE ON THE ROADS, ENEMY MINES!" "Ah, we will be fi.......*BOOM* shit......."

I wish i can run more marksman squads. Those are always great. Watching the enemy run around when they get sniped by a marksman and a scout to help spot for him. If only specific kits can be assigned by selecting what type of squad you wish to run.

Btw, the normal squads I run, someone recording one of the matches.


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On 6/21/2017 at 4:13 AM, Ethik said:

That guy constantly asking for an ammo box.

That's me

On 6/21/2017 at 3:56 PM, Dennis125 said:

A player who ask way too many questions to SL.

Also me


The guy who uses a soundboard to perfection in squad chat and local. Shit had me rolling...still cant believe I was giving orders to a soundboard.

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That guy who shouts medic unwaveringly, regardless of how close he is in proximity to the enemy

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